Couch to 5K

I've lost my mojo!!!

I've lost it honestly!! I was all determined to go out tooday and start interval training to try and speed up when going up hill also to improve my downhill - you know going whheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as Duncan says.

Then I had a bad start to the day as I forgot to download weeks 1 & 2 of C25K which I intended to use for my timings. So instead of jogging this morning I was sitting at the laptop updating my Ipod.

Then I had breakfast - must wait for it to settle down.

Then I had coffee - better hang on a while, I'll do some housework

Then I had lunch - what am I playing at, where did I put my mojo?

Now its 16.42 and I still haven't got changed and it will soon be time to cook dinner.

I think I need a kick up the jacksey. Well it now looks as if I will be running through the forest tracks at 9.00pm when I hope and pray I don't run into any weirdo. :O

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I've done this before! Now, if I know I am planning to run in the morning, then I get up and put on my running kit. You can't spend all day in the running kit without feeling silly!

Anyway, a nice run on the forest tracks tonight will just feel great, and there's no getting out of it now you've told us ;)


You made me laugh with this :)


I always find my mojo down the back of the couch with my car keys :-D


Yes, you've got to go out now!

Report back when you have :)


Here's the KICK! Now you've told us you are going out we expect an update later to confirm you did it! Just think it will be a bit cooler by 9pm!


Get yer butt out there now woman! Whhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)


Now now Mirella I was already out there, busting my butt.:P Found my mojo just where Greg said it might be, down the back of the couch!!!

I must admit I found it quite hard running this evening after being used to early mornings which I much prefer.

Didn't do interval training in through the trees though, its an area which is not very safe for a women on her own. I ran up through the park though and did my usual 5K, not fast but covered the distance which was good.

Thanks for all the support, its what makes this place so good to visit time and time again. :)


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