Lost my running mojo :(

Lost my running mojo :(

Hi everyone, haven't posted for a little while but I have been trying to keep with the running. It was going well but as my post title states I seem to have lost my mojo a bit. I'm out of the routine of running on defined days which is something I did when on the programme. Now I base it more on weather (I don't like rain but I live in the north of Scotland!!) and schedule so it means running on consecutive days which I don't think helps. Went for a run with my mum last week which was the first time I've ever run with someone else and that was lovely. Much more fun too- she's been running for years so it was a short (5k) run for her with the pace set by me but it was lovely to run together- made her very happy! Since then I've done at least runs per week, usually a 5k which for me is around 28 mins but I feel like I'm

Less fit now than when I was doing the last weeks of the programme! I am going faster but I reached a peak of 5k in 27 mins and now I'm

Struggling, felt sick the last few runs I've done and today I stopped after 4K as I just wasn't feeling good. I'll post a screen grab of my run yesterday from strava so you can an idea of my speed etc but just looking for some advice to get back to good running and enjoying it again. Feels like stamina I'm struggling with but I don't want to slow down as I've already slowed in speed since my best run a few weeks ago. I'm under a lot of pressure with my job- I'm at risk of redundancy (work in the oil industry) as is my boyfriend and we have a huge mortgage and are (only!) 28 and 32 so really need our jobs!!! Maybe it's stress encroaching on my running!!!!


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6 Replies

  • Well done on keeping up with the running. Looks like you are persevering even if you sometimes have to force yourself. I'm pretty new to the programme (halfway through week three at the mo) but I know how hard it is to graduate, so you should feel proud! If you are stressed, I'm sure running is helping with your frame of mind. I hope everything works out for you- work wise and running wise! Keep us posted x

  • Maybe try and take the stress out by consciously going slower. Who says it's a race? Just go for a speed which you enjoy. Or face the fact that you're a bit slower at the moment and do the last weeks of the programme again, just to get the routine going again. Good luck and hope you get that buzz again.

  • Sounds to me like you are burnt out !!! - and I am not surprised. For someone who has recently graduated C25K, those 5K splits are pretty fast. Unless you are a gifted runner , trying to beat those paces each time you run is a sure fire way to overtrain.

    Go find some nice scenic routes - and run them NAKED ( that is without any watch, phone, GPS or other device.) Running is not ALL about pace - there are other reasons to run, you need to find yours!!!!

  • I'm sorry about the stress, and I hope the job turns out okay for you both.

    Regarding the running - back off a bit! You cannot improve on your times on every run. I'm no expert but I think you might need longer, slower runs to build up your stamina. You can't do longer runs yet at the pace you show on this screengrab. Try intervals as well. Mix it up - then when you go back to a straight 5k your speed will have improved, if that's what you're aiming for.

    You've done so well with the programme so far, it would be such a shame to have to stop for a bit because of injury through overtraining. Run for fun! Enjoy! Use the running to de-stress. You'll get there :)

  • It sounds like you are measuring your fitness by your 5k pace, which is not a good idea. I have been running long enough to know that pace will fluctuate over time even though my basic fitness is not drastically changing. Follow Bazza's advice and run for fun. Your ability to run should be a tool in your armoury to help you through stress, not a cause of tension.

    Run with your mum, run nice and slow, look at the scenery not the watch.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I thing Bazza has it right. Take the stress out of your running, there is enough stress in the rest of your life. Keep the running relaxed, don't run on 3 consecutive days, use your running to let off steam and work off stress, not increase it. You are fast, no need to get faster.

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