Lost my mojo

Last weekend I finished week 5.

Work has been manic and I have had no time after work to do anything but cook and sleep.

Today I wanted to start week 6 but I had so much stuff to do, and then it was dark and I needed to cook.

I am hoping to find time tomorrow to get out, but am finding time to do this programme is almost impossible. Long working days, and dark evenings leave me just the weekend and that is often filled with chores, the weekly shopping, and catching up on sleep.

Has anyone any ideas of how to keep my mojo up. This is my third run through, so I know I can do it, and was chuffed to do W5r3.


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18 Replies

  • I ran in the dark this evening after a day's decorating. I was desparate to,escape. The chores will always want doing

    If you want to run, you will. If you don't, you won't

  • Like misswobble I run in the dark and share her view about chores! On-line food shopping and a slow cooker speed things up a bit too. I wouldn't run in the dark if I didn't feel safe doing so and I am lucky at home and at work there are options for night time runs. Lovely weather for evening runs too at the moment. W6R3 for me on Monday about 7pm is the plan. Hope to hear about your week 6 soon.

  • Same as me! Kids in bed. 7pm. Off I go!!! Marvellous!!!

  • Schedule your runs and stick to your schedule. The hoovering can wait for half an hour.... in my house it often waits for weeks at a time lol!

  • Don't worry about it shuffling my day job, being a dad, and a dog rescue volunteer plus having 3 dogs to walk often feels like this; just do what you can and try and find those slots when you feel comfortable. Sometimes that means me running in strange places and times 6 o'clock in Northampton in the morning was pretty quirky.

    I did not always do 3 runs a week when doing the programme.

  • Google "dust if you must"

    Dark runs are not as scary as you think and for several months every year, most of us have little option!

  • I run in the dark all the time. I love it! Just run round the streets. Lit and safe enough. Try it!!! It's great!! Don't give up. Make time. You are worth it!!!

  • I have to run in the dark too, after work and getting kids sorted. (I am not a morning person, and it's still dark then anyway). I have a reflective jacket and a head torch and off i go!

    I read here once someone recommended if you don't feel like running, get your running kit on anyway and by then you'll think its worth going out anyway. I've done that a couple of times.

    Think how you'll feel at then end of the run. It's only half an hour and, yes, the chores will wait. If it was easy, everyone would do it, but you know yourself it's worth it and better for you than the couch!

    Good luck.

  • I've lost my mojo too... But after a poor week 6. All I will say is you can do it, but you need to make the choice you want to do it. I think by the very fact that you have posted on here you want to do it.

    Tomorrow never comes, so do it today... It is only 30 mins - which is the time you spend having a cuppa. I'm sure you can do it today.

    Take the first run nice and easy. Slow it right down, don't do what I had done - I set of quickly thinking that it would be easy after being able to complete r3 the previous week.

    You CAN do it.

  • Just accept its not going to be done in 9 weeks. (like a lot of people - it takes longer). You won't lose what you've already built up and you've obviously got the motivation. Well done you for keeping going - on the housework front - you'll probably do what you have to do in super quick time having the refreshment of the run - so go for the run first. Get up just 15 mins earlier and cut down the chores 20 min - hey presto, you've re-gained 35 mins. We're all routing for you - don't leave us!

  • no easy answer to the life/work/house/running balancing act , hopefully the lighter mornings/evenings and warmer temps will be here soon :D

    Plenty of good advise and suggestions from everyone :D

  • I can't recall the last time I dusted!

    I hate my life...I work 60-70 hours a week, am a very long time single parent (older kids so no school runs), only just earn enough to pay the bills, have virtually no social life & even less in terms of emotional support.

    Just been out and the programme went all strange on me: lost sound, it sped up, it switched to a different week, all the time my running top which is fitted kept riding up. I ran until it said 8 mins then after another few decided something was not right on the programme-stopped to sort it then had a mild panic attack after a few more mins & walked home in shame. Too many people & dogs, suddenly got really self-conscious.

    I am clearly totally useless as my life is a mess, I can't work the damn programme & can't run...last week I did 25 mins, this week 15 was all I could achieve.

    I will try to pick myself upend get out one evening when there are fewer people around but no idea when as rarely home before 7 then need to cook-am up at 6 to get to work too so morning runs are out...I really hate my life right now!

  • 1. You're having a crummy time at the moment. That doesn't mean you're a crummy person and certainly not useless.

    2. The only way you can fail at running is by not running. Shortening a run because you needed to at the time is not really a problem: you still got out.

    3. I use a head torch for running in the dark; could be worth a try and means I don't always have to stick to streetlit pavements - if you've got nice footpaths near you it can be really magical to run them in the dark. I've seen field mice and owls and rabbits and all sorts where in daylight and at busy times they're hidden away.

  • My life hit the wall a few years ago - I lost nearly everything. It was so bad I considered ending it. Thankfully I didn't, but I did turn to fast food as a comfort. I was a slob with nothing to live for but a KFC.

    About 9 weeks ago I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and started trying to get fit and healthy... This led me to c25k.

    What I have realised is that although I have lost my savings, job, other half and been on anti depresents for three years my life is still what I make of it. Since I have started running I have been a more positive person, I am in better shape and although I can't afford much I am lucky with what I've got.

    You have got your family, your job and life. I know about money being tight, but, you can feed, cloth and house yourself and your family. I have been where you have been - focussing on the negatives... But there are so many positives in your life and you need to remember that.

    And as for your social life - when you complete this (and you will) running will boost your social life. I hear park runs are great for meeting people as are charity 5ks.

    Oh, and one last thing. There is nothing better than when you are out running and someone of the opposite sex gives you a smile or a second look. It is a brilliant 'boost' when it happens.

    So.... To conclude... You are going to go out for a run and you are a brilliant person with so many positives in your life.

    These might help: metrolyrics.com/news-story-...

  • You are certainly not useless !

    Blimey , you are working 60-70 hours a week and bringing up children on your own ? Please don't be so hard on yourself , you really need to cut yourself a bit of slack here xxx

    You sound exhausted and overwhelmed to me , but useless ?? No way Missus , No flippin' way Jose :-D

    A little run out will do you the world of good. Forget dogs, forget other people, forget your running top riding up , you just get out there and give yourself some " Me Time "

    Take your time , don't rush, try and clear your mind and let all that stress and strain just melt into a big puddle of gloop ! :-D

    Youre not on your own here y'know, We are all rootin' for you ! :-) xxx

  • Hey Christop, I cant really find the words to tell you how moved I am by your post. I am so sorry that you have suffered such despair, your post made me well up, it really did.

    I am so pleased that you are feeling so much better and so much more positive. I just want to give you a big hug. (((( ))))

    Thank you so much for posting this, a true reminder that we really must count our blessings every day.

    I wish you all the very best xxx

  • I think running and getting fit and healthy will improve your life in oh so many ways. Your mood for starters! Once you feel healthier, you'll look better, slimmer and more positive. Things start to slot into place. I have no money either but I've ditched lots of things that I don't think are important any more. Running is free, and I always feel better in my head once I've had a run out.

  • Half term - hope it goes well whatever you've planned. Someone on here suggested a parkrun - how about starting with, if you haven't the confidence to run yourself , volunteering at one if you don't work Saturdays. Go on, pluck up the courage. The one near me is desperate for volunteers - that way you meet lovely people like on this forum; people who are desperate to see you as they need your help; like-minded people; someone for yourself away from chores and children. Look on the internet under parkrun and enter your postcode. Or, any chance of the children coming along and making it a Saturday morning family event? Do look up their websites - and look at the results section - someone near me did it in 47 minutes! I reckon even I could do that - so what I mean is you don't have to be running 5k in 30 mins before you go. Do Laura's programme just once a week at a parkrun - who cares how long the programme or the run take as long as you're out in the fresh air and maybe having a laugh with 100+ other runners. Sounds great to me.

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