Lost my mojo

I'm now at Week 5 and going on my 2nd run tomorrow, but the enthusiasm is waning. I'm not loosing any wait and I just don't feel I'm getting where 😢

I've had a few personal/family issues to deal with last week, so didn't run for about 5 days.

On Sunday I started 1R wk5 but didn't complete it, as my head was all over the place and I felt faint.

So I repeated the run yesterday, Monday, and completed it, and i should do my second run tomorrow but I'm just not feeling it.

I think my MoJo has up and ran off without me 😢


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16 Replies

  • Well done in going out and doing the run at the second attempt despite your troubles, there is no shame in not managing it the first time, at least you went out and tried. One of the things you learn in C25K is how to cope with the less good runs and come back fighting.

    As for losing weight, I think it's a bit too early to expect much to change but by Week 5 you should be starting to feel I can do this and that you're on the way to a healthier lifestyle, then the weight will start to drop.

    Don't give up too easily, you can do it!

  • Thank you x

  • Thank you good advice x

  • Don't give up, keep going. Use the runs to get away and do something positive for yourself. Week 5 and 6 are hard weeks on the plan, and was when I have given up several times in the past. But this time I have kept going because of the Forum and also because of Parkrun.

    Keep your head up. Your doing this for you. Think positively about the runs. You will feel better. And well done for going out there and repeating the last run and finishing. You can do it and you will get there.

    The weight will fall in another week or two. I'm on week 8 now and I'm only really starting to see weight loss in the last 2 weeks.

  • Thank you so much x you have no idea how much I appreciate your kind words. They'll be playing in my head tomorrow morning when I'm running and wanting to give up 🙂

    Thank you x

  • Thanks for the motivation guys - I'm just about to start week 6 - I've been on week 5 for 3 weeks as I just couldn't manage the 20 minute run but I did it on Wednesday!😃 I've not lost any weight whatsoever so am a bit disheartened but will persevere x

  • I had to read this twice as I thought it was me 😂

    Week 5 seems to be the ' brick wall' of the course

    I'm on my 2nd run of wk5 tomorrow and I'm finding it so hard

    20min run ?!? That's amazing !

    Well done you ! I haven't lost any weight either, but apparently that comes in time 🙂


  • Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. It will only really start to make a difference when you start making a difference to portion size and watching what you eat. The running will help. But food will make the real difference to weight loss.

  • Thanks I'm really chuffed with myself I run on a treadmill as I haven't got the confidence to run outside yet in case I see anyone I know - it's pathetic I know. I've been and bought some running gear today so am going to try and pluck up the confidence this weekend.

    Good luck - I'm very much looking forward to losing some weight 😂😂. X

  • But the running will make a huge difference to your own well being and health. If you keep up the running and can keep doing 30 mins 3 times a week the weight will drop.

  • Thanks I really appreciate your advice.

  • Anyone who is out on the roads, fields or Parks running or walking or both deserve a hearty well done. No one will look at you and think anything other than fair play to you. Running outside is so much nicer than the treadmill

  • That fact that you have posted and asked the question, means you have really answered the question yourself and you do want to carry on.

    The personal/family issues will have affected the runs as they need as much from the mind as the body.

    Don't worry about the weight, you are likely to be losing fat and toning your body and it will show later. I wouldn't care what I weighed, if I looked & felt good.

  • You are so right, thank you x

  • Your mojo is still there, it may just be having a rest day 😉. You're half way through wk 5 and over halfway of the whole programme!! You're nailing it already, look how much you've achieved.

    Sending good vibes, you can do this Jam123💪💪💪💪

  • Awww thank you lovely, much appreciated x

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