I'm back!!

Hello again everyone x After a week away sorting my trainers and resting my knee I'm back and very excited to run tomorrow again. I was about to start week 9 when I hurt my knee and I've decided to take it steady and start week 7 again. I'm in no hurry and want to do it properly so give me luck. The last week I've found myself wanting to run so much and I've really missed it, so back to it. I'll report back tomorrow xxxx

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  • Great to see you back! Good luck for tomorrow! Take it easy now!

  • Good luck x

  • thank you x

  • Welcome back, good luck with your run, take it easy cause its hard work in the heat

  • Welcome back and take it easy, good luck tomorrow

  • Welcome back!! Well done you. Hope your knee holds out..you're almost there!! ;)

  • Remember to stretch at the end of the run ... I am sure you will be fine but Good Luck anyway! :)

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