I'm Back :-)

Have had a horrid few weeks recently my Son has been seriously ill in hospital, My friend also and unfortunately still is very ill. I have been under tremendous pressure at work and then to top it all off I slipped and fell on the treadmill injuring my knee and back.

As you can imagine my running has virtually been non existent.

The good news is in the last week or so I've started up again Ive gone back to the start and touch wood my injuries appear to have sorted themselves out.

I feel frustrated as way back in January i thought i would have graduated by now but non the less I've picked myself up and am now back pounding those pavements (vowing never to go near a treadmill again).

Please please give me loads of encouragement I don't care how long it takes me but i will graduate


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13 Replies

  • Well done you for getting back to it. At least at this time of year it's light out so outdoor runs are more doable. Sorry to hear about your son and friend, and your knee. Hopefully getting back to running will give you the time to put your mind elsewhere and push through any stresses.

  • That all sounds pretty grim, sorry to hear things have been so tough recently.

    I hope the running will help - and yes, you will graduate. One step at a time and you'll get there. Take care of yourself.

  • Well done for getting back into it! Sorry to hear that things have been hard.

    Here's to the next run and an injury free body! :)

  • No doubt, you WILL graduate! I had wondered where you ran off to! ;-) I hope son and friend both heal quickly and things can start to be back to normal. So happy you're back, now get to running toward that badge! :-) Gayle

  • Best wishes for your son and friend and I hope your knee injury is now sorted. As far as graduating is concerned your back out there after all you have had to cope with so the hard bits done....now its just a matter of completing the course which with your obvious determination will be easy peasy!!!! Happy Running.

  • Hope everyone is now well on the mend! Hang in there. I find exercise does help face worries.

  • Well done for resuming your runs...you may find the 'empty mind' syndrome helpful in the weeks ahead. I know running can hurt, but it may also free your mind and help you cope with these horrible traumas you have had. Best of luck and well done

  • Sorry to hear that, life does have a way of getting in the way sometimes :-( Glad to hear you are on the mend. As others have said, the running can really help to deal with the stress of it all. I found it really helped me (as did the lovely people on here) when I lost my brother suddenly last year. Pound those pavements, it will make you stronger, for yourself and to support others.

    You will do it :-) xx

  • Awwww Ju, that sounds like an awful time. Well done for getting back to it though, as difficult as it seems right now, if you can take this little bit of time for yourself you will be able to better support your son and friend. Sending positive vibes to you all, don't let this beat you hun. Mwah...

  • I'm sorry to hear about all your troubles :( Yes, you can do this. Take it nice and steadily, listen to your body and don't over-do it, and you will be well on the way to that badge again :) Keep posting to let us know how you're getting on so we can cheer you on the way!

  • As everyone else has said , sounds as if you've had a challenging time recently . I know for a fact that running is very therapeutic for the mind, I always think it's good 'thinking' time and also sometimes you can just lose yourself in the running too. Take care of yourself in all this and sending healing thoughts to your son and your friends ....... Well done to you too LUVLEEJU :-)

  • Good for you for getting back on track. It's all too easy to get so wrapped up looking after everyone else - it's important you remember to look after yourself as well. I'm sure that little green badge won't be too long in coming. Well done and keep it up!

  • Thank you everyone. Your comments have been a real boost to me. I;m pleased to report my son is on the mend.Slowly i know (bit like my running but we will get there)

    You're right when i run i do find i loose myself and when it hurts i think of my friend and son who have their own personal battles and it makes me stronger and more determined.

    .I love gardening and in times of stress i always take it out on the weeds now i also pound the pavements both very theraputic. Just need to know how to conquer these blinking hills around here . All suggestions welcome

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