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Aha! Two new skills

OK so first day out with my new running bottle today and finally I am able to drink while moving, an excellent skill. Doing really well thinking I am coming up to the last few minutes of Week 8 run 1, and in spite of the heat (got into the park at 8am but the sun was already far too hot), and in spite of losing a week to a very nasty, painful chesty cough, I am doing it and really pleased with myself. Then I feel a soft hand on my shoulder, actually it is the sensation of my wonderfully hard to put on M&S sports bra slipping its clip and sliding off my shoulder - eek! Almost stopped and nearly fell over myself remembering that I am nearly done and mustn't stop running. Panic, if you don't get hold of the strap instantly it will slide away and there will be no hope of sorting it out. Manage to catch the strap and hold on to it for dear life, this is ridiculous, I can't run and do up my extra complicated bra! Then, horror of horrors I imagine myself lumping along, holding on to my bra and probably looking terribly flushed and I start laughing, oh god, the park is heaving with professional runners, and here I am laughing, lumping along, holding up my clothing. I can't possibly run and laugh and do up my impossibly complicated bra. Then Laura says, only one minute left, you are doing really well and all the usual stuff and I almost fall over laughing at the thought of her seeing how things are really going. Somehow I manage to get the strap back in the clip, straighten myself out and continue running just as one of the runners goes past looking at me as if I am some kind of pervert. I try to remember whether I had done anything particularly obscene while rearranging my clothing but I don't think I did. Anyway, crisis over I finish the run having gained two new skills, drinking whilst moving and doing up incredibly and impossibly complicated sports bra whilst bent double with laughter and somehow continuing to put one foot in front of the other. Well done me :)

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lol what a fab blog. wardrobe malfunctions are a complete nightmare and I think problem with sports bra whilst running must top the list. Well done you for continuing :) :)


Oh dear they are terribly complicated i know.. what a skill you have. I must say i am envious of you running and drinking at same time... i am well past graduation and still havent got that one yet... cant seem to breath very well if i drink.

Wardrobe malfunctions seem like full scale tragedies! I had one a few weeks ago. I bought a new pair of running 3/4 leggings, running bare brand, and they were just yum but i forgot to look for the necessary drawstring at the waist. The first time i wore them i felt like the ants pants... however they started falling down the second i started running! I was at the gym and it was mega embarrassing as there was a guy on the cross trainer directly behind me... i had to run and hold them up at the same time or else i really would have been running bare!. At about the 1k mark i started to 'glisten' enough for them to stick to my skin and the problem was magically solved...

Havent worn them running since... they belong to pump class only now where there is much less movement.


Haha so funny :)


hahahahahahahah! I have tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard....great blog! MMD


When are they going to design a sports bra that fastens in the front, straps meet in the middle of your back which will then never and I mean never fall down off your shoulders, have really good support and wash and dry in no time at all so you don't need 3 or 4 of them?

If there is anyone out there that knows of such an item send me the datils a.s.a.p. please. :P

I'm well impressed with your ability to re-dress while jogging and re-hydrate too, what talent you have cattery.


Lol - so funny! I also cried with laughter reading this. I have been looking for those bras in Marks but they have sold out of my size. Maybe just as well!!


I have two of these bras and I think they are brilliant. I have never had any problems with the stap coming out, in fact sometimes I'm a bit afraid that I am never going to get out of it. Maybe you need to hoik them up to the the next hook? They are superb for those of us with big puppies.

M&S do sell a front loader, I've never tried it as I thought that juggling boobage and zips is probably not the best way for a calm start to they day, let alone the dangers of nips in zips ;)

Congratulations on completing the run without a page 3 incident


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