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W8R3 - Major Bra Fail!


For those well-endowed ladies amongst us, I'm sure you will feel my discomfort, the rest of you can just have a laugh at my troubles!

As some of you will know, a Sports Bra is a feat of engineering, designed to hold everything firmly in place and prevent unneccesary jiggle. I am gifted fairly generously in that department, so a good bra really is a necessity. When I got ready this morning, the secondary shoulder strap was broken, but i thought that i would be ok without it so off I went.

So there I was, pounding away and trying to find something nice to think abou to take my mind off the last 10 minutes of my run, when PING! off flew my left bra strap! It appeared dangling out of my running top and then I suddenly felt a lot freer and I realised what had happened - the hook to change the length of the straps had disengaged, leaving one side completely swinging free!

At first I thought I could get away with just secretly cradling my left boob in hand, but I realised that I would have to run past the local secondary school (and it really wasn't a good look...), so I was contemplating having to stop and walk, but I really, really didnt want to do that. Luckily I was wearing my favourite Adidas top (bright pink, stripes on my shoulders etc, makes me feel like a proper runner!) - lucky because for some reason it has a hanging strap (for a coathanger) at the back around the neckline. So, I got my dangling strap and tied it up to this hanging strap behind my neck and it worked like a dream!

No more jiggle, everything all held back in place, and all achieved without missing a stride! Week 9 is beckoning to me, but I must go and buy another bra!

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Brunel would be proud of you!


Wow, nicely recovered! How long have you had the bra? Maybe you could get a replacement, due to malfunction!!



OMG, what has happened to you has been my absolute nightmare since those two grew... Back at school I wasn't worried during PE classes that I might not be able to jump over a certain thing or whatever (I was realistic enough to know that I couldn't do it anyway) but not to be able to jump AND having additional problems with my sports bra... the worst I could have imagined.

I'm a bit more relaxed about this now as there's noone around me when I'm running so I can always stop and go home without having to explain it ;)

I'm really impressed that you still continued! That's what I call a proper runner!


Great ingenuity, and a great blog (sorry, had to chuckle).

As a slight aside, at the last ParkRun I went to our local SweatShop staff were there in force. One of the girls from the shop stood up before the race to promote the shop a bit, and advise the ladies that they should change there Sports Bras every 500km. That produced a roar of laughter from the crowd. I had never thought of a sports bra as something that wears out based on mileage. ("For Sale, one Sports Bra, one lady owner. Low mileage. - Just doesn't sound right does it :D)

Thanks again for the blog :)

ancientrunnerGraduate in reply to Nerdio

Very interesting - just had to check my lifetime stats on mapmyrun. Not sure whether to be disappointed or relieved a couple of hundred k to go yet - they're not cheap you know!!

HiddenGraduate in reply to Nerdio

I'm sure there is some hidden market...but...eewwww


Cookiedoodle, nothing like being determined to finish week 8! Well done you :-)


We'll done you! Most would have given up and gone home. You are a dedicated runner :)


Love this! I have had a recurring nightmare of same happening to me, but I hall sleep sounds now knowing how to cope with it if it does!!!


Flipping heck-u are hardcore.v determined and impressive!

You will nail week 9


Being like you, in serious need of a very supportive sports bra, I shall obviously have to invest in a running top that has a hanging strap, just in case!!

Thank you for the giggle.


lol at least it gave you something to think about during your last 10 minutes. You also gave me a giggle and brightened my day.


wonderful blog, I laughed out loud. Impressive creativity applied...I can only dream of such things being of poor endowment!!!!


Now certain my prize when I graduate will be a new sports bra! Well done you for being so ... Creative!

Did enjoy that!


Oh, no :O Well done for the recovery - quick thinking! I refer to my bra as the Forth Bridge Bra, or FBB for short, because of the amount of engineering that goes into its design :D I'm also trying to find a way of including the effort it takes to get into and out of it on MyFitnessPal so that it can count towards my daily exercise and calorie expenditure :D No, they're not cheap, but by crikey, they're necessary!


I have, um, six sports bras.... I don't know how people manage with just one.


No quite in the Paula Radcliffe league, but getting there!!!

Well done for carrying on ~ your ingenuity is what made Britain Great.

Thanks for all your kind responses - it was a case of having to be creative on the spur of the moment.

I am off to the shops at the weekend to replace it. i've found an outlet store that sells them for £26 rather than £38, so will be buying in bulk!

Wk9 will be mine!!!

I'm very impressed by your ingenuity as well and if I suffer the same problem, I have some idea what to do! I am now wishing I didn't use one of my most supportive bras to do the London MoonWalk this year as I could do with more to run in. I just don't know if I can be bothered to take off all the sequins I spent hours sewing on it!

LegionGraduate in reply to librarie

I'm now tempted to sew some tassles on mine for a celebratory run when I reach my ideal weight. :-D


Now THIS is the sort of story I like to read about. I remember Delia ticking me off when spouting forth about my family jewels probs about a month ago. So hats off to you Cookiedooooodle! I almost felt your pain.....


Hilarious... but also a nightmare! Well done for coping so well. I remember I went out once without remembering to change into my Shock Absorber. I can tell you I came straight home when I went to run! :-O

I just bought a new Shock Absorber from Amazon for under £18 (with free postage), same style as my usual one but in a different colour. amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00... if anyone's interested. I now own a grand total of 3 Shock Absorber sports bras. :-D They are fantastic and I literally couldn't run without them. I also have a 'sports bra' from Sainsburys but it certainly isn't suitable for running. ;-)

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