Big Boobs=Big Bounce!!

Big Boobs=Big Bounce!!

Hey girlies, I spent quite some time yesterday reading about bosoms and sports bras. I was appalled to know they do a figure of 8 whilst trampolining inside our bras, skin stretch!! Sagging!! Noooooo!!

So I spend ages online looking for sports bras. I have 4 from next which are absolutely great if you max out at a C cup otherwise it's like being topless.

I went for the Berlei Sports bra which seemed to come up with the best reviews and what I'm doing is wearing the wired bra and the unwired bra on top for double support. After trying to remove a sports bra over my head when hot and sweaty I was exasperated, thank goodness these are a fastener just like your daily.

If anyone has found a fantastic sports bra for Big Bounce (I'm a 36G) then please share. Also, at Berlei the sports bras are on sale at £15 rather than £32 elsewhere.

Today is day 2 week 1 for me.


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19 Replies

  • Just posted on your other post! 34G, shock absorber hold everything in and amazingly in one place. I wouldn't be without mine! I never wear non underwired bras usually but my sports bras aren't underwired and they are so much more comfy and still hold everything in.

  • Do they come up small or true size?

  • I have to try on any time I buy a bra to check the sizes so I'm not really sure, sorry.

  • I'm with melly4012, Shock absorber every time for me, it was recommended to me and now i wouldn't consider anything else, i love the look of the berlei but the shock absorber has the extra clip at the back which I think is what helps :)

  • I have a shockabsorber & it certainly holds my not inconsiderable (34F) boobs in very well!!

  • I have a cheap one from H&M. Really good and with a zipper in front so easy to get on/off. Sits so tight nothing moves. But I'm not very busty (36C) so I might not be your best advisor😄

  • Shock absorber for me, various colours, but always - running level. Not a jiggle or a wobble.

  • Shock absorber here too. 34 F/G. There was a recent post about making sure they still fit if you lose weight or tone up too. I noticed a little more movement (the black eyes were a clue!) and am now wearing two, which is far more comfortable and will have to do till I have time to get to John Lewis for a refit! It's either that or using the steel supports from the Forth Rail Bridge for me!!!

  • Shock Absorber always for me too! Never a jiggle. I have flirted with other makes but they are the best for me at various sizes from 40F down to my current 38DD. I went to have the first one properly fitted and bought it from the shop (although there was a bit of a Yorkshire moment - "HOW MUCH???") and ever after have looked on eBay because if you don't mind the colours you can usually find them for around £15. I don't think I've paid more than that lately. Oh - and don't buy white, because they don't stay white :D

    Good luck!

  • Great advise, thank you Anniemurph x

  • I am another fan of the shock absorber. I have tried others but shock absorber best by far. If you don't care about colour you can always find at less than the eye watering full price!

  • Marks and Spencer for me, 2 for £34

  • I'm 38 GG and I use an enell sports bra. It is the ONLY one that means everything stays in place. Bit expensive, but so very worth it.

  • Thanks Littlesos, I'll check that brand. x

  • Do I need to buy bigger, I read they come up small?

  • I ordered mine online and I think it was free returns so I ordered 2 sizes. They are supposed to be very snug, basically they strap everything down, as close to flat-chested as I could get, not the greatest look, but that wasn't a priority for me. Boobs do not move and it stopped my back aching too. I have to warn you though you need to think of an enell as a tool for a job, it does the job really well, but it isn't pretty. Best of luck.

  • 34H here and can't beat the Panache sports bra for me, I don't bounce or hurt at all in it.

    I tried the Shock Absorber one, but I could not get the higher clasp done up, what is the secret to putting the thing on please? I very nearly threw it away in rage!

  • I put a bed bra over my regular bra yesterday as the thought of trying to get out of those overhead sports bras again made me want a pair of scissors!!

  • Shock absorber fan here. Pricey but really does the job- all strapped down and nothing moves!

    It has 2 back fasteners which I do up at the front and then shift the bra around. It's a bit of an effort to undo but I still love it!

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