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Week 8 run 3 - My Babs Windsor moment!

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So today I completed my run 3 and it felt good. Weather had cooled down a bit, it was a bit drizzly, but that was ok and I was doing alright. Off I went going great guns when it happened, my Babs Windsor moment!

So let me explain. I’m a big bosomed girl, what always put me off running was the lack of a secure sports bra to hold the girls down. I was told you could get great ones now and bought a few with a very sturdy zip up the front. After wrestling the girls in they have, up to now been very contained, but today within my first five minutes the zip just opened! I felt something go and thought it was my jacket and then the bottom of the zip popped and all hell broke loose. There I was laughing my arse off trying to do the zip back up without flashing the whole neighbourhood. Thankfully I run on a pretty quiet route and managed not to be seen (I hope) I started off again and spent the rest of my run giggling to myself and constantly checking that damn zip

I realised that apart from it being really funny, I have become more confident in myself and my ability to run for a long stint, although I am rather less confident in my new sports bra! 😂

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Hilarious! And you finished that run.. go you!

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Hey Kipper! Sounds like an adventurous run!! 😂 I think the laughter you find in everything that doesn’t quite go to plan while you’re doing this programme is one of the biggest hidden gems. Let’s face it, if you can laugh at yourself, there’s no chance of anyone doing anything that could stop you from doing what you set out to do! Not even your own faux pais! Brilliant !😁😁 I have certainly laughed at myself and quite a lot! 🤣! Well done you!

As long as the runs hold up! It’s all good! I’m sure they will! ❤️

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That's hilarious, and thank you for keeping us abreast of the situation!!😀😀😀

Well done 😂 I’m large chested and got a fab sports bra from M and S. x

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Bravissimo is great for running bras - I have the same issue but the one I bought from there keeps mine in order 🙂😂

I bought mine fromm&s keeps them under control tried zip up bra but I thought zip might come undone so give it up too stressful 😂😂

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Oh sorry Kipper-7, your post made me laugh soooo much!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 my dear old husband thinks I've lost the plot!

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Kipper-78Graduate in reply to Cakerunner

You’re welcome 😂 I’m still giggling at it.

Same thing happened to me last week!!! As I run early mornings I managed to avoid any stares as no one about but couldn't stop laughing to myself during the rest of the run!! Certainly took my mind off running 🏃‍♀️

Haven't worn it since!!!!

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Kipper-78Graduate in reply to Cotswold-runner

Oh I’m so pleased I’m not the only one it’s happened to. I’m still giggling about it weeks later. I now do several checks before and during the run to make sure it doesn’t happen again tho 😆

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Cotswold-runnerGraduate in reply to Kipper-78

Got my safety pin ready for tomorrow's run 😂gonna hook it.thru the zipper bit and fasten it to the top👍

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Kipper-78Graduate in reply to Cotswold-runner

That’s a really good idea, I shall give that a go, I still don’t trust that I won’t burst out at any moment 😂

The only injury I have got so far(w3r2) is from taking off my sports bra! I was thinking that the zip bra might be a solution. I’ve changed my mind now!

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Kipper-78Graduate in reply to fibs

lol I found they are more sturdy than a traditional hook bra for running, but they do need checking as I found out. Cotswold-runner has the right idea to safety pin the zip, just incase

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