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Week 5 Run 3 completed. Calf aches and is sore!

i have been working my way through the runs. Completed this run with no drama! however about 3 mins from the end my calf started aching, now its sore (2days later). i had run 2.9m on the endomondo at a stady pace.

i have been stretching the calf out and the ache goes for a while but is still sore.

Any ideas or advice appreciated. i am annoyed because im getting to like my morning run!

thanks to all


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Well done you! Its a great feeling to have done that run isnt it! I did it on Weds and I and have a sore calf also. I have said elsewhere on here that I was recommended turning the shower head on to cold and giving my calf a blast of cold for a little while. Also I have put an ice pack around my calf and rested it up for about 20 mins. These tips work for other areas too! I have been a bit lazy with the ice pack since the last run and my calf is achey again so I think it works. Also, look up stretches on here. There are some good tips about when to stretch and when not to. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


thanks for the advice! i will try the shower! ive looked up stretches, didnt know they were on here.



On the right hand side of this page is a box entitled "popular tags in blogs" - Iam sure there will be a streching one! Also there is the 5 most common injuries section on the front page! :)


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