Is it calf week !😁

Went out for my second post grad run this morning. Another new route, which always stresses me a little but I was moving well, feeling confident and happy. About 15 minutes into the run my left calf felt a little odd but nothing to really worry me but at 28 minutes it started to really hurt so I stopped running. Was near a gate post unusually so stretched it out and walked home. Am wondering if it's my Achilles though, it hurts when I flex my foot 😁😞

Don't laugh but I sprayed the leg with bio freeze and changed into my dog walking leggings but whilst drinking my tea realised my whole leg, and personal bits were all tingling! Just realised the calf must have been still wet with the spray as I pulled the clean leggings on 😳😳😳


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20 Replies

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  • Please can I laugh? Please? I was wondering exactly the same thing earlier. Hope it settles down soon x

  • Hubby will laugh when he reads it πŸ˜€ Just took the dogs for their walk - not good 😞 So frustrating 😁😁

  • It's very frustrating. But I keep telling myself I'm in this for life, not just for Christmas so need to be sensible about allowing myself time to recover. My husband said: 'see, that's what you get for going out before breakfast; it's not natural'... which is his way of saying: 'it doesn't need to stop you in the long term'. There's a good few of us on the couch at the mo - might need to get another one!! Look after yourself.

  • You too. Need to find a podcast on patience πŸ˜€

  • Let me know when you doπŸ˜‰

  • Hi, I ended up in physio last year with painful calf muscles every time I tried running. After the standard medical history type questions he asked me how my lower back was. Well it had never been great but I was used to it being a bit sore. Turns out the pain in my calf muscle was caused by cramped muscles in my back and after a few sessions of accupuncture (completely painless) and then weekly TENS treatment it totally freed up my back and that cleared up the calf muscles. Amazing how the body is all connected and one bit compensates for the others. I have had achilles tendonitus in the past which is incredibly painful, so please dont ignore your pain if it continues. Get it checked out.

  • Hopefully it is not my back, it niggles sometimes but nothing major and this pain is only in one leg. I think it is muscle related and actually now that I've had it elevated for a while, the pain feels deeper than the achilles would. Will RICE for a day and if no improvement get it checked out. I didn't feel a sudden pain so hopefully a good sign - nothing too serious just my old body continuing to object to this new routine!

  • Oh no, sorry to hear that. I hope it will get better soon. The calf and the blofreeze-inflicted injury!

  • Biofreeze all showered away now - phew!! Not as bad as the time my husband prepared dinner using a fresh chilli and then went for a pee though !!!!:-)

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Your posts kill me! Look after all your bits😲and hope the calf is just a minor niggle. x

  • Not laughing....not laughing........ Not ??????? Well, yes I am πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚ but in a very caring way.

    Hope all the bits are in recovery, be kind to yourself with the calf, hope rest and stretch sends it away. 🍸

  • think I might try that cocktail at the end of your post :-)

  • It's there for you to enjoy! 🍸🍸🍸chink! Have a nap 😊

  • Oh dear - not you too Old Possum! I'll squeeze up a bit so there is room on the couch as the wise birds on here suggest it may take about 3 weeks to get going again 😱.

    There's enough of us now to form a little club worst luck!

  • Aaaagh! 3 weeks I will go insane :-(

  • Oh OldPossum ! Aw I am so sorry to hear this just as things were going so well for you too !

    Pah ! Blasted calfs !

    Hope you feel better soon, at least theres pollyp1 and Ullyrunner on the IC to keep you company :-) xxx

  • I know :-( It does feel much better today but I am going to see my osteopath tonight so she is going to check my leg out for me. Desperate not to spend too long on the IC. This is still so new I'm terrified of losing the little bit of fitness I have gained!

  • Just picked this one up as have been away. Whilst I winced and smiled at the bio freeze bit, do not ignore or be tempted to override the pain. If it is tendonitis that is the worst thing you can do, as I know to my cost. Only time will help it. Good luck with the frustration! All I can say is that having had several weeks on the IC in the recent past, my fitness loss was nowhere like as bad as I feared.

  • I've just got back from the osteopath and she thinks I just have short calf muscles which means they are also very tight and I need massage and lots of stretching. I have new exercises to do and lots of advice! Oh and heel lifts for my shoes, it is probable that I could have the same problem brewing with the other leg so need to work on them both. She thinks I should not have a problem if I want to go out as long as I slow down at the first sign of even a twinge and walk if necessary. Interestingly she also suggested a slightly longer warm up walk.

    So I am going to walk and stretch tomorrow (have no choice about walking because of the dogs, only time I didn't do that was when I broke my leg!!) and assuming it all feels OK, will try a gentle outing on Sunday. If necessary, I will revert to a walk/run combination. Fingers crossed though, and it looks like I'm back to snail for a while - but that would be better than the IC :-)

    Best bit of all the lovely lady didn't charge me a penny for the consultation today!!

  • Don't know if it would work for you, but since my bout have always used gel heel insoles in my trainers. Is just another level of impact absorption. Isn't it lovely when someone gives you advice or service for nothing? Restores faith and makes you want to go back to them. Take care!

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