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I am SO chuffed with myself!

I struggled with the first two runs of week 8, and was dreading today. I thought I'd try something new and use the mapmyrun app over MY music as I found the week 8 music so monotonous.

Although I struggled a tad with my breathing during the middle of the run, I had mapmyrun timing me every five to 25 minutes and thought 'shall I just wait until the next five minutes is up?' and did THIRTY minutes!

Pace was 5.52 min/km and I did 5.21 kilometres.

WOO HOO! Bring on week 9! With some decent music this time??!!

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That is wonderful! Well done!


Makes all the difference. I gleefully deleted the podcasts to symbolically mark that I would never to have to listen to You and Julie ever again.


Hey lets have some respect for you and Julie!

Mitch you're quite right to be chuffed, great pace.


I learned to enjoy You and Julie.......

You're rather quick, aren't you, Mitch ? Well done !


another quick one! well done :)


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