W5 Done!.... and feeling 'well chuffed' with myself!

Sooooooo ........... W5R1 was hard - but W5R2? .. I've honestly never felt so defeated:(

about 6 mins into the first 8mins my back began to hurt so i was on guard - the walking break helped immensely and i went for the second 8 mins but my god by the end i was REALLY feeling it and i felt i honestly couldn't have run for one minute more - i was soooo glad when it ended - THEN - I sneaked a look at W5R3 and realised it was gonna be 20 mins solid and i don't mind saying i had a mini-meltdown and wee quivery bottom lip - i said to my husband "thats it! - its beaten me - i'll NEVER be able to do that".........

he was very supportive saying that no one was gonna force me to do it - he told me to remember how far i'd come etc etc and suggested going back a week or two till i felt more comfortable with the 8 mins before i even attempted the 20 mins etc etc.

so - i had my rest day - ibuprofen tabs during the day to keep my back under control then, with some trepidation, i went for it..........

i put on my headfones, music blasting in my ears for the five min warm up walk - then i put my phone in front of the timer so i couldnt see it (my thinking was i would be running for bout 4/5 songs then check the timer?) and i started - slowly but surely.

and yes my back started to ache, but i just kept going - singing in my head and staring at my sons pic on the wall for inspiration (he's a paratrooper, has done 11 tours of afghanistan and received a Military Cross from the queen for 'just doing his job' as he says) and i KNOW he'll be dead proud of me if i can achieve this task.

And then - to my amazement - when i looked at my timer again i had about 45 seconds to go!

believe me - i smiled all the way to the end and smiled and chuckled to myself during all the five min warm down - the pain/tightness drained out of my back and i was back to normal.


better still, when i sneaky peeked into next week it sounds defo do-able and it isn't filling me with dread - so come on week 6 - lets do this!

(ps - my son is currently away on a nine weeks Sergeant's course - it started 6/1 - same week as me starting my 9 week course - i havent told him i'm doing it - I'm thinking ahead and hopefully when he's finished and completed his course successfully, i'll be able to tell him I've done this too - he will be gobsmacked! - so thats my plan and my reward at the end - we can maybe do the odd run together? - although - to be fair, he was just telling me on the phone the other night about a 24K run they were all doing the other day carrying full kit on the brecon beacons in wales in the snow,.... so a wee half hour run with me won't tax him too much hahahaha - but i know he will defo be proud of me for getting off the couch!) xxx


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10 Replies

  • Oh that's fab, when I read the first couple of sentences about your back I feared it was not going to be a happy post.Congratulations on doing the 20 minutes, that's a real landmark run that one! Your son is going to be so proud of you xxx

  • thank you so much


  • Brilliant post.. and very well done... ! Good old husband and good old you!

    Next time.. do as he says, focus on how far you have come and if you need to peek ahead, other than to check out what the form is, instead of thinking you cannot do it.. start by thinking I am going to crack that week... slow and steady! :)

    Week 6, can be a tricky little devil for some of us, but, you are ready, you can do this, just take it very very slowly and steadily :) You will be fine :)

    I have said it before, and I will keep saying it..

    " Nothing to fear. except Fear itself" !

    Keep that pesky gremlin away!

    Onward and upward:)

  • cheers for the support x :)

  • x

  • Well done kazdoc..you stuck with it and it paid off..😊

    The thought of that run is always worse than actually doing it ... hold that thought 😊... you will be ready for the next runs too!

    Your son will be proud of you. xx

  • thank you so much - he knows i'm "up to something" and I've taken on a New Years Resolution as such - but he doesn't know what - and I'm dying to tell him! - but only when I've 'graduated' ! haha


  • YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!

    I'm grinning from ear to ear at your achievement.

    As I read it I thought of this:

    I've got no doubt your son will be as proud of you, as you are of him.

    Onwards to wk 6 😀

  • Amazing stuff! Have to admit I was ready to dish out the "you can do this" advice when I read the first few lines but you have done this! Brilliant post. I don't know how you've managed to keep it a secret from your son, but he is going to be beaming with pride when he finds out. Enjoy week 6😊

  • Such a great feeling and once that 20 minutes is done there are no barriers! Well done and I bet your son will be so proud of you 😊🏃🏼‍♀️

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