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Stitched myself up

The last run of week 8 today. It was a bit of a disaster. A late night and over-consumption of certain fine ales did not leave me in a great shape to run today. I probably drank too much tea in the morning too and after five minutes running had to stop with a bad stitch. Walked for a while then recommenced at a slowish pace. After about 20 minutes my phone went with a call I had to take. So I abandoned the run there.

Not a complete failure and I did get a 20 minute run but reckon I will have to do this one again.

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sorry mabbers? you ran for 20 MINUTES!! bloody hell fire!! that's great!

ignore today's run, put it behind you and get back out there for run 2.

you can do it!



I will be adding "Bloody Hell Fire!" to my vocabulary, also. Thank you!!:-)


Mabbers, sometimes no matter how hard we try, the run just isn't meant to be. If you feel confident enough to move on, then I would say go for week 9! Grad week! :-) I'm getting the party hats and horns ready on the sidelines! :-) Go mabbers Go!!!! :-) Gayle


Ha, Mabbers, we've all done it, those fine ales are just too tempting! Congratulations on getting out there the morning after anyway and, as you say, 20 minutes is still a good run which you wouldn't have been able to do some weeks ago ... but I agree, it feels like you have *cheated* if you've not done the full distance, so ... put on those trainers and polish off Week 8, you know you want to :)


I can't remember where I got the tip from, but when I get a stitch (not stitch as the podcasts oddly call it!) I pause and bend from the waist to touch the floor. Works everytime.


Thanks for all the support and advice folks, much appreciated. Not sure if I will repeat the run or move on to week 9. I know that I can do this time so maybe week 9 is the way to go.


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