It would appear that I can run for 8 minutes. Who'd have thought??

I'm sitting on my sofa in a state of mild shock. It appears that I can run for 8 minutes, TWICE!!

After finding week four pretty tough going, so much so that I did the run five times rather than three, I made a mistake with week 5's first run. For some reason I thought that week five was two days of 8 minute runs and one day of 20 minutes, but when I went to download the podcast I realised the folly of my assumptions. Still, I had psyched myself up for the 8 minute north face of the Eiger, so that's what I did. I went straight onto the podcast for the second day.

I lost count of the number of times I used the Ventolin, yet I still managed to sound like a draughty door in a gale. But I don't care. I ran for 8 minutes, TWICE. I also don't care If my legs are tired and my buttocks are aching!

I'll do week 5 as I thought it was supposed to be (in other words, do this one again) then I'll move on (if I feel ready). But for now, I just need to enjoy my sense of achievement and wait for the Ventolin tremour to subside ;-)


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13 Replies

  • If you need your buttocks massaging, i would like to volunteer :-)

  • Easy tiger. After all, this is the public forum ;-) x

  • You two are terrible ;)

    Well done for doing 8 minutes. It still seems impossible to me! I can't wait to shake off this flu so I can get out there again.

  • Sorry Cazvs, we'll try and behave. Well I will, can't speak for Ed!

    Even last week it felt impossible to me too. If I can do it when I'm overweight and asthmatic, I'm sure you'll manage once you recovered from your current afflictions. :-)

  • :-* lol

  • ;-) x

  • I too have recently done the two 8 minutes runs of Week 5 Day 2. I spent ages on Weeks 3 and 4 before convincing myself that in order to get anywhere I needed to get past the mental barrier of running through the uncomfortable feeling that your legs get after a short distance!

    I now need to do the 20 minute run tomorrow....

  • Brilliant, E-G-S really well done, I know it's not easy for you.

    Been meaning to thank you for a "lightbulb moment". You mentioned that you were going to run in another town on the way home at night as your village has no lighting. Wow - why didn't I think of that!?

    Thanks again for the idea and good luck with the rest of the programme

  • Well done that is brilliant. See you can do it, you will be completing r3 before you know it. Good Luck :-)

  • Well done YOU. Just you hold onto that feeling cos thats what will get you thru run 3!!!!!

    Im in the same boat, just done 20 mins and cant believe that i was like puff the magic dragon on my first run.

    Keep up the faith. x

  • Congrats :-) The fantastic feeling will stay with you all day! More than compensates for the ventolin shakes :-)

  • FANTASTIC well done you, a really good achievement, as my 4 year old nephew likes to say "I am proud and impressed!".

  • Great job! Enjoy the feeling....

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