Feeling chuffed with myself 😁

Was due to do my "halfway" between w5r2 and w5r3 (I wasn't feeling ready for r3 20 minutes, so my plan was to have a build up run of 12 minutes, then 14 minutes next time, maybe 16 minute s than actually do the 20 minutes). This way, if it isn't a target and I build up slowly I'm less likely to beat myself mentally.

So I was running along listening to w5r2, got to the end of the first 8 minute run and the plan was to get to double figures- 10 minutes. Then I thought no, make it 12. Couldn't do 13 as it would be superstitious so thought maybe 14 or why not round it up to 15? I stopped at 18 minutes. Not knackered, I could have done the 20, but want to save that for next run - now that I know I can do it I can enjoy it and savour it without the doubts in my head.

Really chuffed, absolutely bouncing, today has been a real confidence booster. Being honest, if I'd done the 20 minute run today it means stepping up once more - in my slowly but surely method I didn't want to have to move on again to week six just yet, would rather savour this part and build up nice and steady. 😊

Thanks for all your help and encouragement, and posts, and just knowing you're on hand to bounce thoughts and ideas off and get your knowledge and experience back. Thanks folks, part of this little victory is yours x

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  • This is such a great post , Well done !

    That is such a really good way of making this work for you , and you have every right to be feeling so chuffed !

    Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Fantastic way of doing it! And you're absolutely right, you won't have that niggly thought of 'oh my gosh it's a huge step up' because now you've only got to add 2 minutes. Brilliant! :)

  • Well done😊⭐️you are doing a fantastic job & now you will be confident that you are going to be running all the way to your graduation😊🏃🏃😊 keep going & enjoy x

  • Thanks folks, it's appreciated. As it is I can't wait for Wednesday to come along and get the 20 minute run bashed. Get stuck into week 6 by Sunday all things crossed 😊👍🏻

  • Well done, brilliant way of managing the programme and savouring the moment! Enjoy your feeling of confidence and look forward to hearing about your next run! 😀

  • Brilliant approach, sticking with the programme but doing it your way! Great run too, happy running😀🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻

  • Well done you!

    It is so important to find strategies that work for us individually... Slow and steady is the way, and it means we complete our running journey with enjoyment... :)

    Onward and upward !

  • Well done. I hope this means that you really enjoy week5 run 3n

  • Good for you! The plan is there to serve you not the other way round so that's great that you've been able to adapt it to keep yourself confident. x

  • Hi folks, as promised happy to update you that W5R3 done and dusted. Onwards to week 6. Will have a no-pressure repeat run on Friday just to keep me on track ready to start week 6 on Sunday. Once again, thanks so much for your positive encouragement, means a lot. Thank you x

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