Couch to 5K

week 1 run 1

I finally took the plunge today.

I woke up early got the dog and went to the park. Half expecting to give up pretty soon after starting I put in my earphones started the pod cast and took a deep breathe and decided to take one step at a time.

In my head everybody in the park was standing, pointing and laughing at me. In reality nobody could care less.

30 minutes later slightly out of breathe, heart pumping and with a massive sense of achievement. I can’t wait to go again.

It may be beginner’s enthusiasm but I really feel at east with the pod cast although the music was not to my taste.

So to those people who have finish or been on the program awhile want to share some tips then feel free to drop me a line. I will keep you posted as to how I am doing (not that anybody is interested but it is my way of keeping my training diary).


Ps You all look wonderful today!

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Well, actually we are interested :) We all love this running lark, and it sounds as if you have already experienced that feeling that you are onto something good! Looking forward to reading your posts.


As TJFlute says, we all interested. It's the sharing of triumphs, disaster, problems etc. that get us all through the program. I read it everyday for inspiration.

Well done on getting started, but you didn't say what your dog thought of all your running, mine was confused, couldn't understand why I kept bursting into spurts of activity. She doesn't really like it, no time for sniffs!


Thank you for the reassurance.

Flo being a greyhound she just plodded behind me til i was far enough away to just zoom past me. and them just stuffle around waiting for me to catch up. She just loves being in the park and able to run around. she then looked at me like i was daft.

Hopefully this programme will help me getting back to a more healthy and active way of life. but more important sometimes is the sense of community and that i am not alone in doing it, so thank again it really mean a lot.



Good luck with the rest of your week, I have just finished my first week and it feels great to have achieved it, and everyone one on here has been really supportive, probably cos we all start at the same point.

So enjoy and keep us posted.:)


Funnily enough, my first run i was thinking, 'Everyone is looking at me like I'm stupid', but you're right, no one cares!! Soon got over that after buying some funky running tights :) Is the pod cast good? I think i might try it out tonight.


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