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Week 1 second run

I could not wait to finish work today and get home and get my trainers on, made it to the park, had a bit of a faff getting the pod cast to work but eventually set off, half way through 5 min warm up I could not believe the pain in my ankles, not sure if I have had to much rest between day 1 (Sunday) anyway persevered and by the end of the warm up the pain had eased.

Made it to the end of the run still in a bit of pain but made sure I did some stretching, next run due Saturday ( Am I leaving it to long between runs ? (Sunday-Wednesday-Saturday)

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If you do sun-weds-sat you will always have two runs in a row (sat/sun) and you really need to have a rest day in between to let your body recover. Try spreading it out more evenly across the week: I have always tried to stick to alternate days, meaning I do 4 runs one week and 3 runs the next, but my sister always does mon-weds-fri so she can have' weekends off'! Good luck :-)


Cheers Clara29 never thought of that ! will give mon-wed-fri a shot and do a bit of swimming over the weekend.


Three a week is great especially in this weather and dark nights etc. I found I got aches and pains in week 1 and then they disappeared! Good luck and well done for getting started.


Clara is right. I run Saturday and Sunday now but didn't throughout the programme a sou do need those rest days. I did alternate days too during the nine weeks but of course that was summertime and I was off work for six weeks.

Clara gave good advice I think.


well done, and its always best to have a days rest between runs. Good luck on the next one...


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