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running after an (illness) break nerves

Last week I was so happy when I managed two 6am runs to complete week 7, I fit them in around my busy schedule for the week, working full time and performing every night in a show. By Friday I was due to start week 8 and as I finish work early that day I thought I could fit a run in before heading to the theatre that night. I had felt awful during the day with the starts of a cold but knew I would regret it if I didn't try. Week 8 Run 1 and it started well, the fresh air was helping and I found a nice pace, Laura told me I had run for 14 min and then the wall, of sorts, I was getting dizzy and with 3 more shows to do in two days I thought better to stop and walk than collapse, a 10min walk home.

Saturday I had two shows and an appointment so no run, Sunday I had plans in the morning and sheer exhaustion hit me in the afternoon, no run. Monday I was working in a different office so got a nice 25 min walk to and from work but was still suffering from a head cold (it got much worse on Sunday) so no run. I need to run today and am just hoping I'll have the energy to get through it. Still not feeling 100% and have barely any voice, so I'm hoping my willpower will get me through, if it hasn't disappeared by 6.30pm!


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Sounds to me like you're still suffering from a cold or something and should probably wait till you're feeling a bit better?

You've had a really busy week and maybe your body needs a bit more recovery time...... Just a thought :)


My aim was to complete C25K by next Monday morning as I am going away to USA for 3 months and although I do plan to run while I'm out there I will be having a one/two week break before I do (travelling and area means I cant get back into a routine straight away). So if I don't run today then Sunday then I'll only get through week 8 and not into week 9. Didn't realise not being able to run would become a problem for me at the start of this programme!


It's official! You're addicted! :)


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