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Running Songs

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So week 6 run 2 was a couple of 10 min runs with 3 min walk between. It felt very comfortable so no problems so far. I think my biggest problem is the liklihood of picking up a cold from the grandchildren both of whom have colds.

I regularly listen to music on the Run and today I did a search of the 3500 songs I have on my Pulsar player for songs with Run in the title and made a play list as follows

Roadrunner Jonathan Richman

Everybody's on the Run Noel Gallagher

Nowhere to run Martha Reeves

Ready to Run Dixie Chicks

I'm a Road Runner Junior Walker

Run New Order

Run Snow Patrol

Running up the Hill Kate Bush

Running Down The Saints

She's a Runaround The Undertones

How about you do you have songs with Run in the title to add to my play list?

Onwards and Upwards

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Runaway (U+I) Galantis😊😊

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Brian Adams - Run to you

Beetles - Band on the run

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Runaway - Del Shannon (golden oldie)

Runaway - The Corrs - maybe good for a cool down ?

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WenderwooGraduate in reply to Wenderwoo

Well done on the run btw 😁

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Runaround Sue - Dion Di Mucci

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I was putting together a playlist earlier and was thinking about a theme ... wish I had thought of this... anyway, here's a few more ideas:

Don't Run Away From Me Now (Kirsty MacColl)

On the Run (Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon)

The Runner (Kings of Leon) - although I don't think anyone could run to that

Walk Don't Run (The Ventures)

Runner (Manfred Mann)

and congrats on the week 6 progress

Three on my list are

Silent Running by Mike and the Mechanics

Running on Empty by Jackson Browne

Run the World Girls by Beyonce

Running on Empty - Jackson Browne

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Congrats on the run, we are at the same stage. No more intervals from now on!

Re music I have to use the podcast which means you keep getting the same songs recycled. A little puzzled why some of them have lines like “it’s not so easy now”, and “I have both feet on the ground” (no I don’t!).

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Keep on running. Spencer Davis Group

Run Runaway by slade, makes me want to dance instead of run tho! 😂

Running Down A Dream by Tom Petty!

Bruce Springsteen Born to run

The Runner by Foals

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No specific songs with running in the title but I love listening to Radcliffe and Maconie on Radio 6 Music whilst I'm running. Their choice of music is superb. xxxx

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Run run run The Who

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Hi bingbongsong, how’s the running going?

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