Anyone starting/wavering or doubting how life changing C25K is? Read on!

Anyone starting/wavering or doubting how life changing C25K is?  Read on!

This time last year I couldnt run for the train. Literally. One day I missed my train to work, and stood at the bottom of the footbridge steps near the station, crying cos I was so fat, miserable & my ankles hurt so much from the effort.

Several stone lighter now thanks to WW and this programme, and one hell of a lot fitter and happier . . . .

This morning, I went out for my 6 mile training run (longest yet, as I prepare for a 10k in June), I didnt think I could do it. I hadnt slept well, had a dodgy tum, hadnt eaten good stuff or drunk enough water yesterday. . . . blah blah blah . . .

I told myself to stop whinging, took an Imodium, went up the forestry track, This is a gradual but never bloody ending slope up. My usual strategy is to run up for a count of 50 and then down for 20 and turn back and repeat.

I walked for half a mile and then started my "run". I told myself to just run up for as long as I could before turning round for a recovery run down.

I ran 3.9 miles up the slope without stopping with hardly any trouble at all! And I also ran consistently faster than the pace I usually run at - I am normally very careful about pacing myself on these longer runs!

I turned round at a village called Abercregan - see pic - as I was afraid there might be sheep (my terrier can't be trusted near sheep!) and started running down the slope, which was easier on the lungs BUT so much harder on the legs! At mile 5 I really didn't think I would make it & cursed myself for having gone faster earlier, but next thing I glanced at my Garmin and I had done 6.5 miles!

I stopped at 7 as I thought enough was enough and I still needed to walk a fair way back to the car after all!

The only bit of me that aches (so far) is my neck as I felt I was tensing up during the 6th mile, concentrating so hard on keeping, had to remind myself every few paces to drop my shoulders, relax and smile!!! :-)

Happy and proud!


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43 Replies

  • 7 miles and uphill too! That's great! Congratulations! :D

  • Woweee! Uphill 7 miles and at a faster pace!

    Happy and proud you should be.

    Really well done :)

  • Wow that is amazing and inspiring. Well done you, I can only imagine just how great you must be feeling - what would the 'old' you have thought I wonder?!

  • Congratulation!! :)

  • Blimey well done! :)

  • Woohoo Well done :D

  • Wonderful achievement :)

  • What a difference a year makes. Well done you :)

  • Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Thanks for all the encouragement too!

  • Gracias amiga :-)

  • Thanks for the inspiration. Amzing change in one year! Hurrah!

  • Wow deryn61 you should be happy and proud right enough, the ups are soooo darn hard but to have gone so far was amazing, well done. How's your poor little 4 legged friend tonight, bet he/she is sound asleep!! All the best for you 10Km run in June.

  • Thank you for the lovely picture. I am a welsh girl and wish I was back there running, even though it is hilly! Well done on your 6 miles. We're probably doing the same sort of programme at the moment (I'm doing a bupa one) because I am also preparing for my 10k on the 24th June and did 7 miles today :)

  • Woo hoo well done you! Where are you based now? I have only lived away from my home town of Neath for 3 years when I had to move to London in the 80's to find work, and I wouldnt chose to live anywhere else!

  • I live on the east sussex /kent border now. My Mum lived in Port Talbot for a long time so I know the Neath area a bit and simply loved it around there. There's no place like home :)

  • Aw, thanks for the lovely comments xxx My little rescue bedlington terrier "Boy" is fine thanks Oldgirl, just been playing frisbee in the garden with him!

  • Wow ! That's brilliant !

  • Thanks x

  • Love reading blogs like this! :D Hope to post one of my own one day... x

  • :-) Look forward to reading it x

  • see how casual things like "I went out for my 6 mile training run " become :-D

    Fabulous run by the sounds of it.

  • Yes, I am blessed living where I do! As long as I avoid the sheep!

  • I don't know you but my god I'm proud of you... well done

  • Bless! Thank you so much x

  • holy smokes! high five :D

    Keep posting, I need these posts to keep me pushing on ;)

  • Thanks for this, you can do it!

  • You have done so well, I am still struggling with my 5k's 2 weeks post graduation, although doing them 3 times a week.

  • I found the first few weeks after graduating tough too, you will get past that feeling honestly!

  • Fantastic stuff Deryn!! I can identify with the tum too.... :-) You are just going to cruise your 10k!!

    And great to notice the number of folk on this forum who are now doing these longer distances. My, how we've grown!! And newbies - take note of the timescales: it's months, not years to get to this stage :-)

  • What an awesome run. Especially when you could have used any number of excuses to not perform well... You smashed it!!! The 10k is going to be so much fun, you will romp it in. I am doing my first 10k on the 17th June... We'll definitely have to post about how we go.

  • Ooh are you by any chance doing the John Hartson run in Llanelli too? I am only concerned it will be a hot day and I have hardly run in anything above 12 degrees so far!!!

  • No I live in Sydney Australia and the run is around the beachfront about an hour north of Sydney. I moan about the cold as we are going into winter but it helps with running. My first run on the program was done in the middle of the day in summer at about 30 degrees. A bit more difficult! Our days are about 20 degrees so it won't be too tough.

  • That's such a lovely heartwarming story both of your run and of your longer journey - you have achieved so much in such a short space of time. I'm ill atm and can't run and I am so looking forward to getting back to it!!

  • Get well soon and you will soon get back on track :-)

  • Yeh you go girl! How inspiring is this post eh ?

    I must say that it is amazing at how much difference this program has on the whole way of life.

    The brain is a wonderful thing when you wake it up .... it can really show you what you can achieve when you focus.

    Onwards and upwards ... Good luck and Power to you! and last but not least Thanks for a great post! :)

  • Thank you so much for the lovely comments :-)

  • What a beautiful place to run in! And well done on the 6miles, a fantastic achievement. :)

  • I am blessed living where I do, I have always been aware of how lucky I am to live where I do. Thanks. :-)

  • You must have inspired me today Deryn, managed 6km (3.74 miles) for the first time, and it was warm today too, 19 degrees here.

    Bright red face at the end

  • Wow well done! I did my "easy" 2 mile run today in 21 degrees and really suffered! But I finished it!

  • That's amazing! I hope I will be as fit as you too some day. I have high hopes for this program

  • That has really inspired me. I started W1R1 yesterday and I knew I was unfit but it surprised me how much I struggled with it. I don't think I will ever be able to more than 30 minutes brisk walking.

    Well done

  • Wow, I'm so impressed, well done you!!! If I can achieve even half what you have I'll be a very happy bunny!! :)

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