2 weeks to go to my HM

OMG it's come round so quickly and to reinforce that my race number turned up on Friday...I am 197 at Paddock Wood out of approx 2500 runners. You can tell I was keen to sign up!!

Since I've last blogged I've done another 10.5 mile run which whilst hard I quite enjoyed and a couple of runs with the running club. Last Tuesday was the last handicap race of the winter and I did 5 miles in 52mins 54...not any faster than when I first did it in November.

I had planned 11 miles for yesterday (8 miles on the road followed by finishing the last 3 miles at Parkrun) but had to wait in for a new washing machine to be delivered (I live a rock & roll lifestyle!) so re-planned to do it today. Well what a day...cold, damp/wet (sleety not even proper snow) and a little slippy in places....and the biggest gremlin on my shoulder. Today's route was a lot flatter than normal so should have been OK but from stepping out the door and every half a mile (or less) I just wanted to give up! Managed to keep going and a friend shouting encourgagement out of her car window at about mile 4 helped but by mile 7 I really needed the loo (too much info)....made it to 8.5 miles which was near the house and had to stop. So am feeling a little disappointed that I didn't achieve the longer distance....scrub that alot disappointed as it would have done my confidence no end of good in advance of the HM on 7 April. :(

As I re-read what I've typed it has made me smile a little coz I am disappointed with doing 8.5 miles. That's 8.5 MILES!!!!! This time last year couldn't run 8.5k so when I put it in perspective it's a great achievement. Off to make breakfast and put my feet up for an hour or so.

PS - Hope spring actually arrives before the HM!


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36 Replies

  • Blimey! 8.5 miles is amazing! Don't be too hard on yourself, glad that you're already smiling at what you've written :-) Good luck for Apr 7th, am sure you'll do it! x

  • It really is good that you remind yourself of your accomplishment, it's all too easy to lose sight. As I'm upping my mileage for my own hm I'm getting a lot of encouragement from reading your blogs, it's not easy but it can be done.

    Best wishes for rest of training & the big day - just one question (probably obvious but not to me), what is a handicap race?

  • On race night we run either 5 or 6 miles (depending on how quick you are) and the aim is that everyone comes home at roughly the same time. So for me I start on scratch with the hope I get back in 50 mins or so (53 for my 5 miles) but the faster runners would be held back e.g. if they can do 6 miles in 40 mins...they would start 10 minutes after me. Its a nice way of doing it so if like me you are slow you are finishing with others and not last (well last across the finish line). Hope that made sense

  • Cheers Ali, that makes perfect sense - thanks for explaining. :-)

  • Glad you asked, notbad, I couldn't work it out either - now it makes sense! :) I really like the sound of that. So, for parkrun, I could start half an hour before the faster runners!

    Ali - I'm really impressed with what you're doing. Really glad you noticed yourself thinking that 8.5 miles was disappointing! All the best for the HM, and hope the weather cheers up for you.

  • I wish they did this for parkrun too!

  • Ali you are amazing, and yes you do well to think back on your early running experiences. I mean its not that long ago that you couldn't run 5K is it? Well done you are a real success story. I wish you all the very best for your HM, hope the weather is perfect for running, not too hot, not too cold, slight rain drizzle would be OK me thinks.

    I'm looking forward to reading your step by step account of it, well ok, your K by K account of it. Keep focused as I know you will. :)

  • I recon you'll do grand, remember you've done 10.5M and adrenaline :-) on the day. I have by fingers crossed for better weather, but not too nice :-)

  • Ali - you're one of the stalwarts of this community and I know that everyone will be totally rooting for you. One bad run does not a failure make ... just like my "great day" in Lisbon last week when I did 16K one day does not a distance runner make. My one good day doesn't mean I'm ready for the Great North (I suspect I never will be really ready for it) and your one bad day doesn't mean you're any less ready. From what you've written previously, you're pretty happy at the middle distances and I've absolutely no doubt that you'll make your HM.

    After all, you only need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. How hard can that be? (:->) Keep going mate - you CAN do it. You know you can, don't you?

  • I CAN do it! Putting one foot in front of the other is what I kept telling myself to do today!

  • Toss that rubbish run to the side and keep moving toward your dreams and goals Ali!! :-) Like you wrote, look how far you have progressed in a year. I look forward to reading your blogs, they make me smile. I can feel your enthusiasm through your words. Good luck on this journey and don't have too much fun with that brand new washing machine. I wish mine would break, then I could have an excuse to not do laundry. ;-) Gayle

  • You don't want it to break Gayle...it's a nightmare. Only so many replacement outfits can you buy before you have to find somewhere else to do the laundry :)

  • Yes, say it again Ali - 8.5 miles!! :) You did good and you will do good for the HM too, no doubt about it!! It's been a nasty weekend for running but you still got out there and did how many miles? Oh yes, 8.5!!! :D Be proud!

    Sue x

  • hi Ali. keep on running! like you said 8.5 miles is a fantastic achievement, even for a "bad" run :) we are all confident that you will manage your half marathon & so should you be. just think, if you had carried on to 11miles in the sleety weather you may have slipped & caused an injury. ali, can I have your 5mile time? the fastest Ive ever managed was just a bit over 55mins & I was pushing it all the way & totally knackered when I finished :) you still have 2 weeks to get ready for your race. make sure you eat & sleep well over the next couple of weeks. happy running ali. X

  • I will share it Shelley! When doing the 5 miles it felt so fast (is that coz i'm so slow in my long runs) so I was a little disappointed that it was exactly the same as my November time. Post HM am going to focus on speed...not sure how yet but that will be the next challange. x

  • what time are you aiming for on your hm?

  • around 2 hour 30 but if come in under 2 hour 45 would be happy

  • that sounds like a reasonable time. is it a flat course? & will you be running through woods, or is it paddock wood just the name of the town? are you getting really nervous now that its getting closer?

  • i thought it was flat but have now heard it's 'realitvely' flat. I think there may be a couple of small hills / inclines hoping thats it. It's a road race...round country lanes. If I think about it am getting very nervous...dont' want to let anyone down as have managed to raise £670 so far for Alzheimers Society (and I can do £ for £ for the first £500 through work so thats nearly £1200!). Keep telling myself it will be what it will be and I know I CAN do it.

  • wow, you really do have a reason to run! thats an amazing amount of money that you have raised already :) yes, you CAN do it. & you will have all of us waiting to hear aswell :) X

  • Thanks :) I can't believe how generous my family, friends and colleagues have been. x

  • That is a fantastic amount Ali!! I volunteer for Alzheimer's Society and can vouch first hand for the good that money will do - thank you & may be the force be with you! :-) :-) :-)

  • Do you have an online sponsoring site? I'd like to sponsor you - I have a family member affected by Alzheimers, and used to live in the area the run goes through.

  • I'd like to sponsor you too, if you have a Just Giving or similar.

  • Here's the link....hope it works


  • yes, it worked! :)

  • Thank you!

  • Lovely page Ali, I don't know you or your family feel but sure that your mum would be very proud.

  • Agh thanks!

  • Dur! Meant to have said aahh thanks!

  • & I meant to say "but feel sure"... don't you just love typing on a Smartphone... ;-)

  • Looking at it another way, 8.5 miles is two-thirds of a Half Marathon. So by my reckoning you're well on the way to breezing it!

  • Thanks OldNed...just having a little wobble but I know I CAN do it (if I say it often enough I will really believe it!!)

  • Notbad and grew legs that's very kind of you. Not sure how to post the link to my just giving page from my phone so will do it when I get home x

  • Damn auto correct didn't mean to put grew legs but greenlegs :)

  • :) Funny!

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