What's happened since I graduated!

Well I only graduated Saturday but I wanted to make sure I kept the momentum up so I decided to use the 5k+ stepping stone podcast on Monday.

Its starts off at 150bpm and my god that was hard. I only made it 1.6 miles and 23 mins and I honestly thought my lungs were going to explode from my chest. I couldn't breath. I started to walk at some points and I couldn't get air into my lungs quick enough. After the euphoria of completing week 9 I have to admit I hobbled home feeling quite sorry for myself.

So today I just decided I was going to do my own thing. I stuck a random running playlist from spotify on, set up map my run to notify me at each mile what my average pace has been and just ran.

At mile two which was 30 mins I decided to just keep going and see how much longer it would take to get to the 3.1 miles.

In the end I managed the 5k in 47 mins and 34 seconds. So I have to admit I feel really pleased with myself right now. Looking at my splits I actually got faster for the last mile! The first mile does have a couple of uphills in sadly (I live in a very hilly area!) but I was doing 15 m/m but the last mile I was doing 14 m/m!!!

Anyway, I'll keep going like this and see how I get on, but I admit I'll miss Laura, but I just can't keep up with her new beat!!


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  • I so identify with your post as one who can only dream of 5k in 30 never mind sub-30! My only Parkrun was 44 mins and have to admit a mixture of elation and disappointment it took me so long!! So like you I am 'doing my own thing' but just need to keep reminding myself how far I gave come & slow n steady is more than good enough!!!!

  • How did you do that thing with Map My Run? I just don't know how it works! All I've managed to do is set it to 'running' and press go and stop. I am a luddite!

  • If you go to the setting options there is an option there about voice feedback and it's all in there.

  • Thanks. I'll have a play with it on my next run. I want to try a bit of ralking - if you set the settings to 'interval' will it give the splits for the runs and the walks, or does it just give splits by km?

  • By distance I think, I've not played about with it too much

  • By distance I think, I've not played about with it too much

  • Hi iaasa :) i tired the stepping stones once, had a similar problem caught me out , so i do my own thing now also :) I am trying a few different things to see how they feel etc as long a s i get out to do my 3 runs a week I am happy for now , will see how winter goes before deciding in the spring what to do next :D

  • Sounds like a good plan

  • Sounds fab doing your own thing for a bit - you can always go back to the C25K + podcasts at a later stage?

  • Yes I hope to, not sure when yet though.

  • Great stuff! Good going there. You will nail that podcast though. If you keep running and then return to it and just see the difference. I bet you'll do it easily, and then you'll know just how much you've improved.

    The Stepping Stones podcasts are designed to move you on so don't give up on them. Stick with them and you'll go places

    Well done!

  • I'll perhaps do a couple of weeks doing my own thing and then return to them. I think because I'd read they were the follow on I expected to be able to do them like when it was week 5 run 3 and it was just a mental thing. But it appears not just yet.

    Thanks for your advice.

  • I've been sat down all morning and just got up to go for lunch and God my hips hurt!!! Ouch

  • That's cos you were sat sitting. Your hips are protesting, telling you to take them for a walk

  • Haha wish my boss would be happy with that!!!! I have however done some errands this lunch and I need to walk the dog after work so hopefully they'll feel better later!

  • Hey there, congratulations on graduating!!!! I graduated a few months ago and only recently tried out the C25k+ podcasts. I have to admit I found them quite challenging and was glad I hadn't tried them too soon after graduating - you did well to try them out at all at this point. Yes I would do your own thing for a bit and just settle in a bit more to running under your own steam for 30 mins or to run 5k whichever way you want to do it. Try them in a month or two and you'll be surprised how different it feels, honest x

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