Couch to 5K


New Park Run today for me and my ( up North)...

It was fab...we were staying with my Dad and stepmum in Elton and it was really nearby...

So off we all went, and eventually found it ( avec bag with teain flask ( green), custard creams, mini jelly baby's, water etc etc). The talky talk was good as they segrgated off anyone new and explained the route, ' blah blah..2 times, or was that 3? blah blah..nesting swans...blah blah...I was focussed on her outfit...sheep with bunny ears....cute! One woman was positively 'Playboy' and I thought, 'good for you babes' ;)

So then we walked for ever...I chatted to a nice man...Gave Leon a high five...then off....It was really pretty, all round a lake thing and I decided to do Speed again as it paces me and gives structure!!!! Blimey, we went round the lake thing about 4 flipping times....Lovely as Dad, and family were shouting at me after each lap which I'm not used to....

Leon did it in 25.24...he was gutted as didn't do under 25...and I did it in 28.14...happy panther....( easliy pleased!)

Now I just need a 24k route near Elton for tomorrow...v sore hip but I'm running through...its fine ( never ever stop unless you are actually injured)

I cannot wait for the Paris Marathon next year when I will be running complete :)

Happy Panthering



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That sounds like fun Ju. I run with Speed podcast quite often but speedy I aint! Well, not yet. LOL


you will be soon though if you keep doing it!! :)

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Green tea! Have just tried a second cup in as many weeks. Cannot take to it. Reminds me of cod liver oil dosage as a child. Yuk.

And well done with Speed.


Thankyou....I don't like milk so I drink gallons of the green stuff, I really like it!!


Wonderful!! That speed podcast is great isn't it? I use this first and then continue to complete 5ks on the short run days. I ran with my daughter the other day after doing this a few time s. Freya is the county champion for 800 metres for her category but she really struggled with the 5k and had to stop half way. Good luck with the rest of your training, you must feel very strong now! As all panthers' should! ;)

Reply must be proud of her....Its funny all children are differen, and Leon is definately a long distance lad rather than a speedy one!!


A lake thing? IS that like a lake, but not really a lake? More like a massive puddle? Anyway it sounds rather glorious and how great to have a legion of fans yelling your name! Leon is one hell of a runner isn't he? 25 mins is amazing - but then he is 12. You HAVE to keep telling yourself that.....

Keep an eye on that hip on your 24K today. Good luck!


Thankyou....yes I'm dead proud of him....going to do the 24k tomorrow on familiar ground as hip niggly and I think I'd get lost round here!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!


Glad you enjoyed your new scenery. It's good to shake things up a bit. Tell Leon he will definitely get there and try not to let it get to him. He is so close. Look after that hip on your long run today. Happy panthering.


Thanks RFC.. Decided to foot tomorrow and give the body a rest!! And yes I know he will nail it soon.. Thank you...


Pleased that you enjoyed your run in new surroundings. Agree, though, that you are wise to put off your long run until you are back home tomorrow. Happy running.


Thank you Fitmo... Yes I think I've made the right decision!!


Juicyju you really do look different every time you post. The Paris marathon! Oo la la. What a sexy place to run.


You disappoint me greatly. ".... I decided to do Speed again....". Performance enhancing drugs are just not in the spirit of C25K (Tee hee :-D)

Sounds like a great family day out. I would love my family to come along and cheer me on. Cajoling them out of bed that early just isn't going to happen though...


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