hm training wk9

hm training wk9

hello all its been nearly a couple of weeks since ive posted so heres the scores on the doors my miles have gone up to 35 mile a week trainings going well ive had some a couple of pbs but only on quickest miles 7.00 mile and 7.07 both in the same week also ive started to notice the effects of the interval/fartleks running longer faster and stronger at point s in my longish runs im having trouble sticking to my easy pace 8.30/8.45 and the mins im down to run cant help myself sometimes .i was running with a hangover last week {cousin and boyfreind over from cork } i got in at four and was out the door for 7 i may have still been drunkish i was talking to the cows in the meadows which i dont do i just wanted to get the miles down and stick to the program i ended up at 9 and a half miles and found a extra bit to add on my route nothing more to report next month will be 1 year since the life of running started so we will see what joys that brings and i may be doing a 10k on my bday happy running all your doing great ps the pic s where it all started for me and and laura i wonder how many times ive run up and down this path take care all


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  • Hi Moger

    It sounds like it's all going really well. I assume you're feeling well as you running suggests that you are.

    Keep up the good work and stay away from hangovers!

  • thanks miss wobble will keep away from the hangovers trying to stick to the training program with speed and times at the end of week nine now and running stronger now must be my twice a week interval runs long run tomorrow of a 100 mins take care and all the best

  • It looks like you've got beautiful surroundings, and it sounds like you're doing really well.

    Well done for getting out there with a hang over. I don't think I could ever even contemplate that!

  • thanks thomas had to get out with the hangover to keep up with this program

  • Hi Moger - Your run looks similar to mine. Glad to hear you are in fine fettle and training is going well. I have been away for three weeks and only managed treadmill 5ks to keep up general fitness. My HM is in November so this week is first week of training any advice will be greatly appreciated. Good luck and keep posting!

  • just keep to your training program have faith in it ,do some intervals and hill work ive really started to notice the change in my running from doing these im at the end of week 9 now so my long runs are going up in time tomorrow s is a 100 mins so i hope thats somewhere near 13 ive not done one for a month so it should be fun most of my short runs are 6 miles trouble is im running out of places to run ,have fun and dont panic it may get boring so you may need to mix up your routes and change your music have fun and good luck will post again tomorrow

  • Moger, help me... Which canal is that? As a boater myself, and having been sampling the towpaths around the country, I'm intrigued!!


  • thats the river cam in cambridge

  • Thank you. Not done that bit of the country yet, that's why we didn't recognise it. One day maybe :)

  • thats the north end this bit heads up to ely if you go the other way you can go to the lock in town but thats it i think it to stop bigger boats as the river snakes through the colleges then it leave s cambridge and joins up with the ouse .but you can more and live on the boats theres quite alot that do

  • The OH says it's possible to get there....we're smallish 50ft x 6ft10in so we'll do it one day!! At the moment we're working on the north; Sheffield, York, Ripon, Leeds, Manchester (and Lincoln and Boston) crossed off this summer. Hopefully Huddersfield and Rochdale Canals next summer, then it's southward bound.

    Cambridge is a great city (? Town ?) been there many times working at the Corn Exchange - Tatties is the place to eat there.

    Love my runs on the towpath: flat, can't get lost and helpful to check out the pubs once I've earnt the cider at the end of the day :)


  • nice in the summer bloody cold in the winter tatties is in the centre now but lots of pubs and new places to eat

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