Couch to 5K

I graduated!!!

So today was the big day, the one I thought I'd never see back in January when I thought running 90secs was a challenge - I completed wk9 run3!

It's taken a lot longer than 9 weeks but repeating weeks and taking it at my own pace was the way to do it for me. My total distance today inc the warm up and warm down walks was over 5k but I think my actual run was about 4k so a way to go before I hit the goal of 5k in 30mins - but hey that gives me something else to aim for.

V proud of myself - at 47 I've proved I can run, having spent 30 years thinking I couldn't thanks to a dreadful PE teacher and horrible cross country sessions. If only they'd used something like this programme at school - I might have been running a lot longer.

C25K is a brilliant programme I've become quite evangelistic about it!

Now how do I get that badge....?

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Well done greenrunner!

All your hard work and perseverance have paid off.....Good for you :) :)


Well done, I feel the same about it, a proper zealot

Andrea (aged 50 and 3/4!)


Thanks gypsydepp and Andrea! It is great isn't it. And now I've discovered this forum I spend nearly as much time on here as i do on Facebook. I'm determined to keep up the running so I can have a fit not fat middle age :-)


Congratulations Greenrunner. I agree, they should definitely use this programme in schools.


Congratulations! :) :)


I did actually offer it to my son when I saw him running on a walk but he was extremely cross!

Well done on the graduation and you've already got the next challenge in mind... you'll achieve it sooner than you think!


Well done you! :) It just goes to show we under estimate what our bodies (and minds) are capable of. Keep running and keep smiling cos you are great! :)


Thanks for all the positive comments everyone.

I reckon you're right PatButcher it's mind as much as body that counts - at least it is for me! :-)


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