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Hi, this is my first post. I've been lurking on here for a while and enjoyed reading many posts. Thought it was about time I joined in.

Today was my final run of week nine and I'm just over the moon at completing c25k. Nine weeks ago I found it hard to believe that I would be running continuously for at least 30 minutes, but here I am, and I feel pretty chuffed with myself for having stuck with it! Today I ran 5k in 33 minutes, really upping my speed in the last few minutes and finishing on a high!

This programme has brought me a lot of joy and reminded me just how disciplined and motivated I can be when I want to achieve something. It really works. Big thanks to Laura.

Looking forward to my next run :)

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Really glad that your first post was to share your amazing achievement with us all; thank you! Congratulations! All the very best for the future of your new found hobby! :-)


Well done, especially on upping your speed - many happy runs!


Congratulations!!!! xx




Nice, congrats!


Well done and keep it up!


well done. Brilliant feeling isn't it!

I jsut need to work out how to get my badge and you need one too.

Keep it up! I find the C2%K follow on podcasts good, the pace is encouraging but not too fast and I like the audiofuel music .


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