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Can't hear Laura properly????

Hiya attempted my first run last night - but was disappointed!!! I could hear Laura clearly in regards to the first five minute warm up but after that her voice just faded out - the music was fine - but could just faintly hear her saying now for your 90 second walk when I hadn't even done the 60 second jog!!!! - Any ideas please?? (by the way you are talking to a technophobe!!!)

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What device are you using? If it has an EQ setting you might need to turn it off or set it to "flat". Also make sure your headphones are fully plugged into their socket on your device. Finally, try listening to the podcast at home in a quiet room to see if the voice only comes from one side. If so it might be worth trying another pair of headphones.



I had this too last week and it was my earphones. Music was fine but couldn't hear Laura. New pair and all was good.



This has happened to me a few times. Is it an iphone? You may have pressed the x2 button, and everything is sped up, this is why the times are wrong too. I was so embarrassed when I realised what I had done. You would see a tiny icon on top right of screen which says x2.


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