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W3R1 - Laura the Jackal ?

It occurred to me on the second of the 90 second sets that Laura is in league with our partners, 5% of the insurance if he dies during the course and 3% if he dies subsequently as a result of running.

I chickened out first thing this morning, I was scarred of 3 minutes but come lunchtime I decided I just couldn't give up without a fight and got changed. Working at home on a Monday has its advantages, I haven't got that many excuses not to get out.

It was painful but not impossible. I cursed at Laura today when she gave me her little winning platitudes "I know it hurts but..." you don't know it hurts this much "... I always feel it was worth it" I doubt you were as liable to die as me.

But in the end she was right, I was glad I went and I did it all. I just have to do it again on Wednesday, oh god.

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Yay well done Chewy! I felt awful all yesterday after my first W3 run but much more refreshed today with no aches and pains so feeling positive about R2 tomorrow. The main thing is that we did it! We actually ran 2 sets of 3 minutes without stopping. I know I never thought that would be possible when I was huffing and puffing my way through 6 seconds just a couple of weeks ago! ;)


Woo hoo well done you! And I can think of worse ways to shuffle off this mortal coil . . !


Well done chewy says I sitting in sa pub with my granddaughter she has a j2o me with a glass of wine. Hope my post grad run tomorrow goes well. Pat :-)


Thanks Chewy and Fraz73.... due to do W3R1 tonight... do I really want to go after reading those comments? Of course I do...maybe....possibly ;)


You do (or perhaps already have)... But I know exactly how it feels :)


I have :)


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