Who is Laura?

Hello everyone...my first post! I'm using the Ease into 5k app, which I stumbled across on the iPhone. I've now stumbled across you guys and am finding the posts invaluable. I will complete Week 5 Run 1 tonight. All seems to be going well although I am suffering a few little niggles, lower back pain which I seem to have sorted with keeping upright and not running headdown. Anyway, back to the point, who is Laura and which app is everyone using to hear her encouragement? Ease into 5k app is good, but I'm only really getting messages to tell me when to Run and Walk and in all honestly I'd like to be told how brilliant I am doing!


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  • Laura will become your best friend ;P she's on the NHS c25k podcasts and is a great encouragement - I have no experience of other app's I'm afraid, all I can say is - you're missing out! But good on you for getting running anyway - a decision you'll surely never regret .... question is, why does Laura have a mans voice on the 10k trial mpeg???

  • Laura will be doing the voice over for the real one don't worry Caronz.

  • phew! that was a bit alarming :)

  • Ah but does Laura really run the 10k or is she just the 'voice'???

  • She runs, she's real and she was my best friend for 9 weeks! :)

  • I think there are two versions of C25K, one is an app which doesn't have Laura and the other are a series of downloadable podcasts which do have Laura (obviously the better version ;)). You can download the Laura version here: nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/couch-5K...

    Well done on getting to week 5 and good luck with the rest of the programme. I'm sure you will breeze through with Laura's encouragement :)

  • I wonder if the space between runs is the same? My W5R1 is spaced as follows;

    Run 6 min

    Walk 1 min

    Run 4 min

    Walk 1 min

    Run 6 min

    Cool down 5 min

    Is the NHS one the same? I don't want to mess up big time by changing apps on week 5, but could do with the additional encouragement. Any ideas if there is a big difference?

  • It is slightly different but not vastly. W5R1 is:

    Warm up walk 5 min

    Run 5 min

    Walk 3 min

    Run 5 min

    Walk 3 min

    Run 5 min

    Cool down walk 5 min

    It's up to you, I'm sure you will complete the programme with either version but having Laura's encouragement is a nice added extra.

  • I should perhaps leave it to LauraStQ herself to answer this one (she lurks in the community as well) but you can read more about how Laura was inspired to become the voice of the NHS Couch to 5k podcasts at nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

  • I can't download it onto an iPhone as I don't have a flash player. Same problem with an iPad...how do you download it? Sorry for being a bit dim!

  • itunes? hth :)

  • Ah iTunes is it??

  • DOH!! ;.)

  • Most people download them onto their computer and then transfer them onto the phone using a cable.

  • Thank you all...all done and downloaded onto the phone

    Laura, may be just the boost I need after just hearing run and walk for 5 weeks!

  • The good thing about the NHS podcasts is that they can be used as the music in conjunction with something like the Nike+ app , so that you get the feedback from the app with the instruction from the podcasts. Pity Ive had trouble with the Nike+ app on my ipod.

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