Michael Johnson - great voice shame I can't hear him

Hello - I've come back to c25k after a while. When I did it before, Laura's voice used to cut in over my music and then the music would resume after her instructions. I have my own running playlist but when I use the new app, I can hardly hear MJ at all. Wearing the iphone on my arm makes this almost impossible as I'm constantly having to look at the screen to see how many seconds I have left. Does anyone else have this problem? It is making the whole experience a bit of a farce...


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10 Replies

  • Someone may have a fix for you, but the app presentation is less robust than the podcasts, so you might want to give those a whirl. One suddenly popped up on my car audio yesterday morning - nostalgia!

  • Thanks for replying. The old podcasts with Laura, you mean? I couldn't get my music to play with those but I might have to go down that route.

  • I don't like Laura's music but put up with it! I found trying to have my own music on app just too much work and a distraction.

  • Maybe it depends on your phone? Sarah cuts in above the radio, but I haven't tried over my music. I tend to run to Radio 2! (Which shows my age!)

  • Ha! Radio 2 is great, but I've made a running playlist with loads of dancey stuff which seems to fit my rhythm. Not sure Simon Mayo would keep me going...;)

    I've got an iphone6

  • It is Chris Evans at the time I run, so it tends to be pretty upbeat! I have a Samsung. I have read other complaints on here that the app doesn't work over mp3s. I have a phone holder which I strap to my arm. You can get them cheaply and it means not juggling a phone and a water bottle as well as trying to run/breathe!

  • Ah, yes Evans is better! I run after work...yes I have a strap thingy, which is why I need to hear the instructions over the music, otherwise I'm twisting the thing round, trying to log back into the c25k screen and it's totally impractical to do all that!

  • I gave up listening to Lara, not the biggest fan of the music... So I just wrote down what times I needed to walk and run and kept it on me while I ran using my watch as a timer (Garmin Forerunner 15) and my own music in my ears. - It has gotten easier now at week 7/8 where you have to run for one set of time without walking breaks.

  • I've only ever gotten to end of week 4 so well done you! And music for me is hugely motivating - nhs music is shocking and really puts me off. I've found another version of the c25k so fingers crossed. Failing that, Garmin it is. I could hold my phone but I'm so clumsy I'd prob drop it!

  • Hope it works! You are more than half-way there! I sing along to the songs in my head while I run to distract me :)

    Any timing watch will work, I just got my Garmin two months ago so I could track my distance when I run outside and it came with a heart rate monitor (best investment ever!).

    Good luck with week 5!

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