Couch to 5K

Don't tell Laura !

W4r2. As I am not at work this week I decided to try a morning run. Didn't get out until about 7.30, but hardly anyone about, and no golfers on the golf course, so we had it all to ourselves . (Me and the dog).

The first of the 5 min runs was tough as it was all up a slight incline . (I've just realised that I didn't even mention the first three minute run) .

The second 5 min run was a bit better as it was quite flat. When Laura told me to walk at the end, I had in front of me a lovely slightly downhill grassy track - too nice to miss- so I carried on running for an extra couple of minutes . Don't tell her I disobeyed her instructions, will you.

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Glad you enjoyed your run so much you did extra! I won't the Laura, she may get everyone to do extra! I wouldn't want to do that because I'm doing w4r2 later! ;-)


good luck with your run, panda runner!


Thank you :-)


Sounds like you had a good run, well done!

I've not heard from Laura for a while but I will be in contact soon (health probs mean I will likely be restrarting or picking up at week 4again) but I promise to keep quiet about your sneaky downhill add on. :)


I'm not talking to her so your secret is safe with me....well done on the run..onwards and upwards!!


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