Couch to 5K

Laura!! You are evil!!

And your watch runs slowly!!!

But I love you.

Run 1 of week 4 this morning and I approached it with more fear than hope. The alarm went off at 4:45am and I was up and out with a reluctant viszla. I had over indulged over the weekend and suspected that would be a factor in todays run.

First 3 minutes were great, much easier than the 3 minute segments of last week but the 90 second recovery seemed waaaay too short. Off I set on the first 5 minute run and found I had hit my stride and the running movemeny flowed a bit easier but by the time I hit the half way mark I noticed the pace had dropped somewhat. I managed to finish despite the nagging voice of doubt telling me to stop.

Again the recovery walk went too quickly but the second 3 minute run went better than expected. I found myself at on old railway path that would eventually take me out to the park at the end of my road. I had measured this path with sports runner in the past so knew it was just slightly shorter than 1km. Off I went on my final run. This is where I feel Laura has her watch issues. It goes on forever!!!

I struggled but kept it going and weirdly my run ended just as I crossed the "finish line" at the park. I was very pleased/surprised/totally shocked that my pace was around 12kph!!

Run done and the rain stayed off until my warm down finished.

The dog has gone back to bed and as much as bed appeals, us runners have to get on with our day. Thursday awaits.

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Well Done Runner56 - I too have just done Run 1 of week 4 and also found it easier than expected. I thought that the extra running time would be hard but it was not as hard as I thought - look forward to run 2!!!


Thanks Redskin. It fells great to have completed the first one. The designers seem to have put a wee bit of thought into this program eh?

Never thought I would manage the distances/times. I am well chuffed


The programme was actually written by a chap called, I believe, Josh Clarke and can be found under Cool Running on the internet. The programme we follow is just one version of it but we, of course, have the support of Laura. Cheers.


Well done on getting out there at that ungodly hour. Still, dogs won't walk themselves, so to speak

That sounds very fast!


Thanks. I might have to recheck the distance as it didnt feel as if I was near that sort of pace. I used to do treadmill running and it certainly feels slower outside.

My legs might be groaning somewhat tomorrow!


Well done on completing the first run of week 4. You are getting well into the programme now and the weeks will start to fly by. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


Thanks fitmo. The encouragement from folk on here is inspiring.


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