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W6R3: I'm a runner...thank you Laura!


Recently I'd got used to going out every second day but had an extra day off after R2 because of legs. I had to force myself to go out today & then I realised 25 minutes - OMG!

Cant say it was easy because for me it was the hardest run yet. Legs started aching early on, but It was the mental struggle that was the worst - one half of my mind saying 'you cant do this, your feet are wet, go home have a cup of coffee' & all sorts of negative messages, and the other half telling it to shut up.

Well I did it - and when Laura said in her view I was a runner - well I'm still feeling emotional. I'm wittering on here but my friends all think I'm mad going running at my age, and I just HAD to tell someone. Thanks Laura - you keep me going with your perfectly judged interventions. Finally I claim my reward - a garmin will be mine!!

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Even cynical old me was kind of chuffed to get the "you're a runner" message at the end of that run.

I don't see any reason why anyone should be thought of as mad because they are running :-)


oooh garmin reward :) perfect, you'll love it, well done runner :)

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'runner' - you've got me blubbing again!

Well done well done!!!What a massive achievement,25 minutes nonstop!I have just done w6r2,and am facing the prospect of the 25min run on Saturday.Quite frankly I'm dreading it,I found the 20 mins at the end of week 5 really hard.I might even cop out and do it on a treadmill instead of outdoors-less hills!

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You'll be fine on R3. Honestly if I can do it, anyone can. By now it really is more of a mental challenge. I think if you get into a rhythm - which I didnt today- it makes it much easier. Let me know how you get on, good luck!


Well done, brilliant feeling isn't it

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It's such an amazing feeling - i'm still buzzing!


Congratulations JennieJ, Runner ! :-)

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thank you - I'm going off to bed a very happy runner - gulp, cant believe I did it!!

Well done! I did W6R3 this morning and I've been smiling all day after Laura's message.

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Congratulations, well done you! Isnt it such an amazing feeling. Good luck with W7.

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