Yes, Laura ... I'm SCARED!

I'm supposed to be doing W6R3 tomorrow. Stuck in the car for a long time today, I decided to play the podcast for W6R3 to see what Laura had to say because I am thinking of leaving her at home tomorrow and having some decent music for a change. It's simple timing for W6R3 so that's OK and easy to do. Laura started off the podcast by asking "Are you scared?" She rightly assumes the answer is "yes" (scared!) and states clearly that it's OK don't worry because with all you've done so far you can do it. Well I'm going to give it a go, but YES I'M SCARED! For the first time since I gave up C25K the first time round before Christmas I'm not at all sure, in fact I almost feel like starting to cry now ... I know you'll all say I'll be fine, you're doing fantastically etc but but but but ....... hoping things feel better in the morning. I won't give up but tomorrow doesn't look good.


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23 Replies

  • You can do this ! I'm one run behind you and keeping saying that to myself over and over - so far it's worked. Good luck tomorrow

  • Well, the first good news is you don't expect the run to be anything other than hard. The second good news is that you CAN do it. And the third good news is that you WILL do it. Just take it slowly. I found mapping out my route in advance so I had an idea of where I would be roughly at 25 mins very helpful. If it's an option, choose a route as flat as possible, as scenic as possible and with as few roads to cross/traffic lights as possible!

  • David... take Laura with you.. and just go for it.

    You are ready.. you can do this.. take it slow and steady as ever.. and yes, I know I always say that..but it is the only way.

    Don't give up... just take it one slow step at a time...

    Just decide you want it, more than you are afraid of it... and you do want to do this.

    Looking forward to your post tomorrow:)

  • David, I can understand you being anxious, but I'm sure if you take it slow and steady (as others have said) you can do this. I know it can seem really daunting, but you've put in the training and your body will be ready for this even if your mind isn't.

    Remember there will be a lot of your virtual running buddies from thus forum cheering you on tomorrow. I found it really useful to think about how I would tell everyone how I overcame the difficult bits as I was running. Somehow it helped me, convincing myself I would be typing to say it had been tough but that I'd done it.

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes. 😀

  • Your doing great, you'll be fine etc. etc. :)

    Seriously though, what is there to be scared of? At the end of the day all that really matters tomorrow is that you finish healthy and without any injuries. 25 minutes straight running is a long time for a newbie runner and it is indeed possible (I stress possible) that you come up a little bit short. If that does happen, it's not a big deal - just consider it as a practice.

    Nice and slow!

  • It's ok to be afraid...But don't be scared of "failing".. Getting out there and having a go isn't failing... Not completing it, is also not failing. Just have a go..Be brave and trust the programme and believe in yourself. We humans tend to have a habit of being self limiting..We hold ourselves up, so let go of self limiting...Give it a go and be kind to yourself...And do not injure yourself in the process! Be proud for having a go regardless if the outcome.

  • Thank you. Couldn't be more negative than I feel at the moment, so going to bed and hoping that tomorrow's a better day! Night night .....

  • ((hugs))

    That's all...

  • You used the 'f' word!! Tut tut :)

    Blip. setback, practice run, but never 'f**l :)

    We are all getting there, slow and steady taking as long as we need.. and I totally agree with your comments, we have to go through some struggles..but, one of my very favourite quotes is the on from Edison,

    " If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you ..and him :)

  • Indeed I did. But only in a positive way to reinforce that if runs don't go the way we want, it is NOT f***** ❤... A lot of our human fears feature that F word..Regardless of what we say we fear, sadly, often underbeath it all lurks that fear of F concept ... ❤

  • x You are right of course :)

  • For other non-running reasons I "measure" my mood every day and it's bad because this stuff has driven my score down. I sometimes use a personal trainer and I think I'll see if I can have a word with him, but may do as Irish-John has said and take a day off. I know perfectly well that it's mostly in my mind and I keep thinking "do this today", then thinking ..... and again and again and again every two days for at least weeks 7, 8 & 9 & maybe for ever! Do you ever get to enjoy running?, because it's not happened yet for me.

  • I feel you may enjoy it more when this is completed ?

    I know that after Graduation, I, like many of us did lots of , pure joy, runs, just out there running.. any distance or time, in any way I felt like.

    Then lots of us again, tried/try lots of other running things, ( mine were a bit odd sometimes)...

    Take a day, maybe, just, as Irish-John , says, a day off..just go out and run, and top and look at stuff, and walk and run.. enjoy the whole thing..?

    As MotherPip says, we are so hard on ourselves, I have to really, really work at being kind to myself...maybe, you have a day today, being kind to your mind.. ?

    I am just off now, for a late,( for me) run.. I know my route, but, no worries about time, or distance.. I shall just enjoy the morning... I shall take you with me :)

  • thanks, I'll report back!

  • "Do you ever get to enjoy running?, because it's not happened yet for me." Analysing carefully, I don't think I often did during C25K (except the downhill bits where I stopped plodding and let myself go a bit) but I enjoyed the feeling of "Well look at me. I'm a runner!" and I certainly enjoyed my first Park Run (after graduating). C25K is about getting your body (and your mind) ready to run, once you've achieved that you have more freedom to run as you like with less danger of injuring yourself. No, struggling towards running for 30 minutes is not fun, it's the work you have to put in before it has any chance of being fun. W6R3 is close to the end and I found it got it easier, not much further to go so see it through and then decide.

  • Thanks - I don't think I want to stop at this point, so I'm sure you're right.

  • it's a strange feeling. I don't love running...I claim not to be addicted..But I do occasionally get keen to do my next run.. which should be tonight but ain't gonna happen as in self destruct mode just at the minute

  • Self destruct mode sums up how I feel today as well! Why doesn't Piplet bully you out there? Reverse roles and you bully her, that would get both of you out there. I just might do that W6R3 session tomorrow - actually I've sort of bullied myself as I've booked my personal trainer to help me along, which will stop me wimping out and just possibly (?????????) get me through doing it. The idea of getting keen to do my next run is interesting, it has happened to me just once since I started this programme.

  • I think I don't bully her out with me as I prefer to be alone...And when I do get out for my runs it helps me avoid her wittering

    Well I didn't go out tonight ... I'm fretting about the 20 minute run 3 of week 5. I just managed the two 8 mins runs of and can't visualise running non stop for 20 minutes. Think I needed a break

    It's swimming tomorrow so it might be Thurs when I try it. Need to get my correct head back on tomorrow and eat properly too.

  • I can't talk, because I've today done the same and "fretted" my way out of W6R3, which is much the same as you're facing next. The only thing that I can say is that I did manage W5R3, all 20 minutes, and wish me luck trying to do W6R3 and its 25 minutes. I went to the gym instead today - doing intervals on the rower was a nice change. Have a great swim. We'll both get there!

  • Yes, I'm sure we will...In our own way and in our own time. I can see improvement since I started. I never thought I'd get this far...Never thought I'd get past that very 1st day...

    I also wonder why I do it...What is my aim?...What will I do with it... I think if I knew what my real objective is it would help the motivation... Even assuming I graduate it will be a while before I can run 5k with my little legs haha.

  • I agree with Oldfloss David. Take Laura with you. Trust her, she will prompt you exactly when you need it and with her telling you when to start and when to stop you are conditioning yourself for success...

    Don't stress about have done the training for this, you are ready.

    Go on give it a go...

    Good luck.😊xxx

  • Some days it's more important to just have a fun practice run and play around with pace, stride, speed or whatever :)

    I did one run where I tried to run as slowly as possible without actually taking a walking step. Sounds batty - but it was fun and broke the slight obsessive and grim attitude I was getting about the programme :)

    Take the day off and just lope along and enjoy a run :) You gotta know at this point you will graduate - but do have a bit of fun too :)

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