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I'm a runner!!! Laura said so :)

it's a bit of a magic moment to hear that you are officially a runner! :)

today I have run for 25 mins :) and I've run with someone - my colleague and friend Jen who was brilliant, way capable of running much quicker than I can (footballer) but stayed at my pace all the way through, guided me through an unfamiliar route (we ran round some of the estate at work) even had me chatting! Ok my responses were 3 or 4 words lol but apparently my pace is pretty consistent and apparently I even sped up in the down hill up hill through woods parts. It was actually fun lol part of my mind was obsessing about time but the larger part was focused on listening to Jen

Jen also went through some useful stretching afterwards with me - top tip to pass on is when you stop running and start walking put your hands together on top of your head (like you did at school) as this opens up your lungs

You have to picture this next bit...

Busy doing calf stretches lent up a wall and then we go for the one where you lift your leg up and hold your ankle against your bum and it wasn't going well, couldn't get my leg to my waiting hand... Jen ended up asking

"do you want me to pass you your leg?"

crying with laughter again as I write that, we were in fits, she thinks I'm taking personal assistant thing too far, she spends most of the day making me cups of tea and now has to pass me my leg so I can stretch:o)


I've also just agreed to a 5k race for life in July in Derbyshire with my friend Emma

6 weeks ago... Well who'd of thought it hey? :)

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That's fab! Well done proper runner!! I do love saying those words..proper runner!!!!! Do you think Jen could pass me my leg for stretching too?


:) thank you Ali proper 5 k runner (even better :) ) I'm coming after you Ali, just give me 3 more weeks :) - I'll have a word with Jen and see if I can lend you her :)


that was funny. it sounds as if you had a great run.

well done "proper" official runner :)


That really made me laugh. Well done Bxster, you proper runner. :)


well done Bxster!!!!!!!!!!!!! that 25min run is def a milestone.. and that hands behind your head while cooling down is a great tip (played football myself a long long time ago b.c (before children) and laziness set in!! well done to you and sounds like ye had a great giggle too which is all the better!! :)


Well done proper runner!!! I'm hoping to hear those words tomorrow :)

Great achievement and sounds like you had fun with it too which is always good :)


good luck for tomorrow :)


thank you all :)


Well done Bx - u did great x

Although not sure u had to tell everyone about the offer to lend a hand!!


Just realised I'm logged in as u - sorry! Don't sack me lol


laughing, nope you not sacked lol


Looks like you're talking to yourself!!!!


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