W6R3 A runner?! who me!

This was the first time I wasn't sure if I was going to keep my plan to run on a set day. Why? well I woke with a headache, think I had my neck in a funny position when asleep and my nose was all bunged from the cold. Also there was thick fog when I looked out the window. But after taking the pups for a quick wander the fresh air helped my head start to clear and the fog was starting to lift so off I went (after the obligatory Lemsip and cough mixture).

Once again I held Laura off for a couple of minutes when I went out the door so I would be at the top of the hilly bit by the time my warm up was done. Then at her command off I trundled. 5 minutes down, all good. First time I've had to mark time on the spot at the traffic lights while a bus and lorry tried to both get into a tight road, but I was determined not to stop moving. I was thinking the second 5 minutes were taking forever when 'herself' pops up to tell me that 12 1/2 minutes had passed and I was half way through my run! Fantastic that means I'm on the homeward section. As I carried on I realised that I wasn't thinking about my breathing or legs they were automatically doing what they should.

I enjoyed Laura's little final minute challenge of upping the pace and found that I could do that too without too much hassle and without my lungs feeling like they would explode. Then she said the immortal words that I am a runner! really ?! I think I might start to believe her after I've managed 3 big runs in a week so hopefully, if all goes to plan by the end of W7R3 I will start to believe.


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6 Replies

  • When you find you can speed up in that last 60 seconds, it's a revelation isn't it!

    Now you know you can do 25 minutes, you can relax and enjoy week 7. You know why? Because 'You are a runner' 😊😊😊

  • Magic😄 Believe..you are doing just great. Well done that all sounds very satisfactory 😉xxx

  • I remember the day Laura said that to me too! Feels good doesn't it? And yes, of course you are a runner - believe! 🙂

  • If Laura said it then it must be true! :)

  • I remember Laura saying that to me! Great run - well done :)

  • Thanks everyone. Proof in the pudding tomorrow as I start W7. Just hoping there's no snow or ice around. I'll keep you posted x

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