How I miss Laura

Laura, you helped change my life on the couch to 5k with your encouraging words. I have now graduated and am not sure if Iam ready for the C25K plus as it appears regimented and not to your own music, so I have taken advice of another member and doing the 10K for pink which is good, but an American woman demanding "run" , "now walk" just isn't Laura!

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  • I will always love Laura, and miss her every time I run. She'll always be my girl <3

  • You will be fine with Sami. The music is all the encouragement you need. Hours worth ☺ she kicks butt but will get you to 10 k. Don't worry if the first podcast is a bit duff, the rest is fine. It is tough so don't worry if you have to repeat bits ☺

  • Which programme is Sami. The woman on 10k for pink is no Laura.!

  • With a little sadness, I've abandoned C2K5+ for the world of Audiofuel - instead of Stamina I now have the matey DJ stylings of the bloke from "Run Wild 1" and instead of Speed I have the slightly 50 shades-ish Chrissie Wellington and her obsession with "discomfort".

    However, I still have a date with Laura every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for NHS Strength and Flex, which I continue to recommend for anyone looking for an "easy" programme for non-running days.

  • Sami Murphy does the voice-over for Bridge to 10 k programme. Several Pink tracks on there

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