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Go me! Go me! Go me! Week 9, run 3 - Tick!

Yah ive finished big thanks to Laura:)

Its been quite a journey, never thought i would do something like this, i havent done any exercise for years, am a few stone over weight and am not young anymore:) For newbies and those behind me in the plan, my tips would be do it in your own time, i proberly should have finished 3 weeks ago but ive been ill, had a bad back, been to tired, couldnt motivate myself out there and just plan not had the time, oh and the RAIN!! But ive still done it:) The trick i think is not to berate yourselve if you experience any of the above, just dust yourself down and try again next day be kind to yourselve:) I havent worried about speed or distance either just kept my eye on the goal which is to finish. Hope that helps someone:)

I will miss Laura but im really looking forward to my own music! My aim was only ever to run 3 times a week for 30 mins, for fitness, to loose weight and to tone and thats still my plan at the moment! I hope my speed and distance will naturally increase? Thankyou all for the encouragement and your blogs ive lurked everyday even when i havent blogged and i find reading and blogging on here really helps:)

Ok some questions before i go, hope im not boring anyone?? Insomniacs your welcome!

How do i get my graduate badge, how do i change my silhouette im a girl!

Oh and one more sorry, i use endomondo to map my run, i turn it on right at the start before my 5min walk and off again after my 5 min walk, so my distance includes my walk and run. Is this what every one else does?

thanks again all, just keep running everyonexxx

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Well done on graduating. I am about to start week 9 tomorrow and it's been really motivational reading all the blogs. Keep on running :)


Congratulations on finishing :)


Fantastic well done :)


Congratulations! :)


Congratulations :)

In answer to your questions :) -

Direct Message JR21 admin for your badge :)

On your profile page you can change the image to an upload picture or image of your choice.

I don't include the warm up walk or warm down walk in my distance. I start my watch at the start of the running part and click it off when I'm done. (before the wobbly legged warm down walk :) )


Congratulations on graduating!!! I only clock my run now, I used to do it all but I wanted to start tracking my pace to try steady it for future long distance runs and it seems to be working for me. Go run :)


I count the distance in my warm up and cool down walks as well - I'm still so far from the 5k that I need all the yards feet and inches I can get! I don't count them as part of my run time though.


Congratulations on your graduation and I agree with your advice for newbies. :)


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