Week 9 Run 3 - Graduation Day!

Hello everybody!

I've just got back from my graduation run. I feel oddly chilled about it!

I set off on my usual route and ended up sticking to it for the duration of the run - no diversions today. I think I will experiment more when there's less pressure, so to speak. No beautiful pinks and yellows dashed across the horizon - just some greyish-looking clouds.

I actually found this run the most challenging of all the 30 minuters. My legs felt like lead! I think that I maybe went too fast in the first 5 minutes, which affected me for the rest of the run. I slowed down and reminded myself that running faster doesn't make 30 minutes go any quicker!! I was grateful for my usual, flat and predictable run as a result - that gentle slope from Monday's evening run would have destroyed me.

Although my legs were aching, I managed to power through and speed up for the final minute. When Laura told me to slow down, I let out a little cheer and began the cool down walk. After 5 minutes when Laura wished me goodbye for one final time, I felt pleased that I'd be able to lisen to my own music next time - although I'll keep week 9 loaded onto my phone because I still have not had enough of Julie.

My plans for the next couple of weeks are to continue running (obviously), to try out some new routes, and to complete my British Herat Foundation run next Saturday. I feel a little intimidated, as I haven't been able to run for a whole 5k before (I've covered the distance for a lot of the final runs, but that includes both walks) , but I feel ready.

I'd really like to thank anyone and everyone who has taken the time to read my posts, to check up on me when I was ill, to reassure me after week 6 ended on a bit of a low, to encourage me to keep going... you guys are great. I'm definitely going to keep on posting on here, I love reading the posts of others and hearing your thoughts on what I'm up to, too. :) I also whole-heartedly encourage anyone who is reading who is thinking about starting Couch25K to do it!! It's truly amazing and does wonders for your confidence and self-esteem, as well as for your physical fitness.

So, it's goodbye from me, for now! Hope everyone else is doing well :) :) :)


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  • Awww...I love your post. Congratulations on graduation. I'm only on week 4 but posts like these give me confidence to hope that I'll be able to do it too.

  • You really can! I struggled in the first week with running for a minute at a time. I secretly doubted whether I'd finish the plan, but now I can't see myself not doing it. You will get there, just believe in yourself :)

  • Woohoo congratulations πŸ˜€

  • Congratulations on graduating! So pleased for you. I am sure by the time you run your charity race you will be up to 5k, and anyway, you'll also get extra adrenalin from the crowds and other runners! Good luck with the next stage of your running journey☺.

  • Many congratulations to you! πŸ† Good luckπŸ˜€

  • Well done!

    Good luck with the charity run. You'll do great x

  • Well done, Yamiskoi! So pleased you made it and have caught the running bug! Enjoy running in freedom, it's a bit of a challenge because nobody is choosing for you, but amazingly fun. A bit like a selection box of chocolates - hmmmm, shall I take intervals tomorrow or go for a long run😎

    Keep posting here, we love to keep track of the people who travelled with us on this journey. You've motivated a lot of people with your posts and replies.

    Happy running😈

  • Brilliant Yam, you did it, congratulations! :) you've been great throughout this programme and I've enjoyed reading your posts and hearing all your successes and commiserating on the odd wobbly run tale too. Very well done for finishing, glad that you are recovered from the lurgy and fighting fit to run as a newbie graduate x

  • Well done, those runs with leaden legs are so tough but you did it! Here's to loads of enjoyable runs to come :)

  • Huge congratulations GRADUATE!

    Well done you! You have done brilliantly.. and got to the place you wanted to be.

    Keep posting your progress from here, and your British Heart Run report too.

    Glad you are feeling better... bask in the glory! :)

  • Brilliant! Congratulations and good luck with your run on Saturday, I bet you'll smash it! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hurray! Congratulations Yamiskoi!

    It's been a pleasure following your journey towards graduation, with your wonderful attitude. :)

    I wish you thousands of miles of running joy.

  • Hey, well done. I'm a few weeks behind you but have been following your progress with interest. I love your posts. Really honest and inspiring. All the best for the charity run. πŸ˜€

  • Congratulations. Keep running ☺

  • Well done you! Really pleased for you, hope it all goes well on Sunday :-)

  • Hi Yamiskoi, well done on graduating, I knew you could do it.

    Time to shake it up and enjoy new running experiences. Don't stop posting, we want to hear of each and every adventure you have.

  • What a lovely post! I signed up for a race for life (in June) after reading about your BHF race, I'll be thinking about you on Saturday, good luck xx

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