Guess what guys I did the challenge, man won tonight. I was thinking there was absolutely now way I was gonna complete 20 mins of running on hard concrete. But I did myself proud, there was a moment at the beginning when I saw a brick wall coming my way, but I pounded on through. Im sitting here, thinking Stephen, you deserve a pat on the back. Bring on week 6.

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  • It was never in doubt :-)

    Have fun with week 6. It challenged me but I whipped it, mostly due to sheer bloody minded determination not to give in.


  • I will keep you updated, I ain't gonna give in not that I've come so far.

  • you do deserve a big pat on the back - well done !!!!

  • Thank you

  • Well done! I've got W5R3 coming up soon and at the moment can't see how I'll ever be able to do it, but I'll give it a go!

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, its defo is a mental challenge. I just tried to keep focused on moving my legs.

  • Nice work! I am a bit apprehensive about week 5 myself, but I hear it is mostly a mental challenge. I bet you feel pretty invincible about now. :)

  • I feel like superman, just hope I sleep tonight. I'm still hyped.

  • Awesome - Well done you! I'm due to start week 5 but really struggling to get my head round the 'jump' in running times! I can't really believe I'll be running 20 mins by the end of next week! ;-)

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