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Week 8 - Run 3 = Man vs Fox!


Last day of week 8 and what a run! It just turned into one of those runs tonight. First as soon as I started this brisk warm up walk, my right calf started to give me jib, bit tight and I was thinking maybe not fully rested since Wednesday night.

As I settled in, the pain went and I thought nothing more about the calf. Thought it was going to be my normal steady run mode, until fox number 1 appeared. Brilliant scene, me running on the spot thinking what to do and the fox just standing there giving me the eye. Eventually said fox departed I carried on, 10 mins later fox number 2 followed by 3,4 and 5 all ending with the same scenario.

Don't know why but it seems the stop starts took toll on the calf's and tonight nearing the end I was struggling. The warm down walk almost turned into a warm down crawl.

Hey ho nothing a hot shower and some tiger balm can't fix. I'm almost there! Yipee.

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Are you sure it wasn't the same fox that was following you all the way? It's either time for you to make a new friend, like the little prince in St Exupéry's story, or you were close to a den. I'd get that calf muscle sorted in case they invite a few friends along next time. On a lighter note, I hope your leg feels better soon and that the tiger balm has done it's stuff.


How enchanting. Maybe they were young just grown up cubs on a first outing.


May have been the local fox 5k relay team!

Well done Saul, stretching is getting more important now, even I'm doing it!

saul01Graduate in reply to Paul46-ipswich

Any particular stretches? Not done any since I started .

To be honest I stretch my quads by grabbing my foot and pull it to my backside for 30 seconds and then stretch my calf by putting toes raised up on a kerb and standing up straight, same effect as hanging off a step with toes on the step. That works for me and stops the after run aches

saul01Graduate in reply to Paul46-ipswich

That's cool, thought it would need to be a fancy workout thing. I take it immediately after the run


Rude reynards! You'd think they could have said something encouraging.

I find I get twinges wearing bottoms that don't cover my calves. I loathe 'poncing about stretching' (sorry to the majority who do it religiously!) but now do 10 minutes or so of yoga first thing every day (put together from YouTube).

There's also the NHS Strength and Flexibility podcast programme if you fancy more time with Laura.


Hi Saul,

Sorry I'm a bit late replying. Was out on the town last night!

Well done on your run. I think you did great. I've just posted mine, bit gutted to be honest.

You've done so well you foxy thing you!!!!!! Haha!

E xxx

saul01Graduate in reply to ElsieW

Hi Elsie, Thank you. Good night out then I take it. Will pop over and read yours in a bit.

ElsieWGraduate in reply to saul01

Haha I wouldn't bother it's not good! xxx

Thought you'd bought some compression socks Saul. No good then?

saul01Graduate in reply to boptillyoudrop49


I didn't buy any compression socks, just regular running socks. I understand it as compression clothing (of any form) is worn after the workout/run/exercise and have never really bothered with any of that stuff. My running tights should offer some sort of compression I would have thought.

I think the local fox community had heard that a pretty nimble runner was nearing graduation and wanted to check you out. You are covering great distances Saul. :)

Now about stretching... I always do three different leg stretches and some shoulder and chest ones plus arms too.

It only takes a couple of mins. You can

do them when you get back indoors.

Calf stretches. Place one foot straight back and bend the knee of the other leg.

Lean forward and feel the stretch down your straight leg. Hold for a few secs and as it eases push a little more. Repeat with the other leg.

Quad stretch. Balance on one leg, knee soft and bring the other foot up towards your bottom. Hold onto that foot and press your hip slightly forward. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat with other leg.

Hamstring stretch. One knee bent place the other leg in front.straight leg toes up. Stick your bottom up and out and hands on the top of bent leg. Head up. Feel the stretch down the length of your straight leg. As it eases push a little more. Hold. Repeat with other leg.

Shoulders. Imagine you are holding a huge beach ball against your chest. Link fingers. Arms at shoulder height. Head down.Push outwards keeping arms rounded and taut. Hold. Then place linked hands behind your back push out your chest. Head level and gently lift your hands away from your back. Hold.

Arms. Bend one arm and place your hand on the middle of your shoulder blades behind your head. Gently press your arm back with the other hand below your elbow joint. Hold for a few secs. Repeat with other arm.

There now don't you feel better..

Not pouncing about at all and not a fancy regime... lol

Good luck with week 9. :) :) :)

saul01Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Good Evening, thank you. Will try the stretch exercises later and see how they go.

I was tempted to buy one of those foam roller things today. May have a read up first.

They sound pretty hard core don't they. I think poppy pug uses one....

Only stretch when you are already warm (after a run) or you could hurt yourself.

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