wk5 run 3.....I DID IT!!!!

I did it! I blooming well did it and its all down to all the very kind people who commented on my blog about failing my run on sunday. I honestly couldn't have done it without your very kind words and advice. I kept thinking about yo all the whole way through my run!

I had my banana, water, waited for a bit and then went for it! I started my run feeling positive and listened to my body, slowing down when i needed to catch my breath but i never stopped!

Feeling proud of myself! Bring on week 6!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all again! xx

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  • yey!! well done. I really think wk5 run 3 is a massive milestone - it took me 4 sessions of run 2 to pluck up the courage!

  • Well done :) You must feel great after doing it, especially after not doing as well as you'd hoped before. The encouragement from people here is fantastic!

    Good luck for week 6 x

  • Ah, great runthedon,

    All it took was a bit of faith in yourself!!


  • Well done, positive mental attitude goes a long way!

    Good luck for week 6 :-)

  • amazing isn't it !! such a great feeling - well done ..

  • Brilliant - well done - keep up the positivity! :-)

  • Well done keep going :)

  • Fantastic! Well done you!

  • Well done, you deserve to feel great !!

  • We knew you could do it! Well done :)

  • Ah well done you! What a feeling eh?! Keep it up and before you know it you'll get your well earned badge :)

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