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W7R3 - worst run EVER!

Today, I can add my contribution to the comparisons of worst runs ever! The first two runs in week 7 came as a bit of a surprise, in a good way. I could actually do it! 25 minutes of running - who'd have thought it? For two days, I managed to trot along at a good pace and found myself thinking about things other than pace, breathing, technique etc. I considered what to make for dinner, drew up a mental shopping list, planned my weekend.......and finished the runs in not too shabby style.

Today - reality check with capital R and C! I never found my stride, never managed to relax into the run and, when Laura announced the half-way mark, was already struggling. The only thing that kept me going was the thought of how awful I would feel if I stopped! For the last five minutes, I must have looked like one of those marathon fun-runners who stagger across the finish line on spagetthi legs, red-faced, snot running out of their noses, gasping for air and only one thought in their heads: "I'm going to die!". Thankfully, there were only a few sheep around to witness this spectacle.

Considering another discussion in recent days, one most certainly aimed only at the female half of the C25K community (I pity any man who's come across it), I think I know the answer to why today was so awful. I've now got 2 days to consider what to do on Monday - continue on to week 8 or chicken out and go back to a week of mixed walks and runs? To date, one of my "rewards" for completing one week has been the downloading of the following week's podcast (I've deliberately downloaded them one at the time for this reason). To download or not to download, that's the question...... For me, the longer runs are certainly proving a bit of a mental challenge. Today was the nearest I've come to those dreaded runs the PE teacher used to make us do at school and which put me off running for the following four decades!

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I would continue on to week 8 - you did the first two runs of week 7 ok but just had a bad run on the third. It happens to us all - mine was the first run of week 7 which I failed to complete. I carried on with the next to runs and then onto week 8 and was fine. I've had bad runs since but you just have to put them behind you! Good luck


Definitely continue onto week8. You have done all the runs in W7, succeeded brilliantly in two of them and struggled on one - but you did it. You'll be a stronger runner because R3 was difficult but you kept going. Well done & look forward to hearing about W8.


It's strange how a lot of us are having similar experiences around this point. My bad run was W8R1... Exactly as you described.. Hated it... Struggled from 5 mins but did keep going to 28 mins.. Everyones advice was to take it slow.. Think I has been trying to go to fast.. The next two weeks of week 8 were so much better. Have today completed my final run of week 9..

Breathing has clicked in.. Feel fantastic!! It would seem from others comments that sometimes you just have bad runs.. Try the same thing in identical conditions etc and it will be better.. No logic behind it!


Continue on to week 8.

We all have these bad runs often for no good most recent one was week 10 run one, and i'd already graduated!

You've done the work so you're ready for it...let us know how it goes. Be brave, you can do it! :):):)


Like the others say, keep going with week 8! Its a bad run but your next one will probably be fine. Go into it positively and I bet you do it no problem. :-)


Well done on toughing out that bad run, bet you can do it again if you need to! Take it a bit easier if you need to! So glad that at 50 I have one less factor making my runs even harder!


I had a horrible run in week 7 as well. Was quite surprised since the poll here did not put week 7 as a particular difficult one for the majority. Weeks 8 and 9 were muuuuch better, so move forward, and good running!


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