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W9 worst run ever

No idea how I managed it but I did. Wanted to walk (really wanted to walk) from about half way . I did get incredibly hot, it's the first run I have done since its been a bit warmer so guess I will have to wear a cooler top. Didn't help that i had a waterproof on, as usual at the moment. Even though it was awful I did maintain 6 min km for the first 4 k, speed only went to pot in the last one. Here's hoping my graduation run is more enjoyable as certainly didn't find the zone before, during or after that run.

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Main thing is you did it! Well done you!

I think your next one will be a lot easier as you now know you can do it so you can just relax and enjoy it and who knows whats next!


Bad runs are pants but I look at them as part of the learning process. You made it and that's all that matters :) Isthat your usual pace? Perhaps slowing it down might help. Slow and steady :)


Thank you. It's the psychological barrier that kept me going. I thought if I walked that would be my bogey time next run. I'm finding running alone difficult (I'm fine during a good run but would love the support during a bad one) so next week I am going to a beginners running class. Apparently 5k is run between 20 and 40 mins and as I am only .04km off doing it in 30 I'm looking forward to it.


You are doing really well - I am at about the same stage - about to run W9R1 tomorrow and I would be lucky to do 4km in 30minutes! I sometimes have a fully zipped waterproof over a wicking type shortsleeved top and after 5 minutes of running the waterproof often comes off and I wear it tied around my waist. Great to join the running club - good on you!


Well done for keeping going, you did well to do that! I can't believe your pace!! I was pleased with myself for running 8 min per km yesterday. You're doing really well.

Was that your 2nd run in week 9? We're about the same and yesterday was mine - just one more run until graduation.

Hope you enjoy the running club, I bet you'll really enjoy it. It is lonely running alone so I know what you mean.

Bring on our graduation run!! :-)


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