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Worst run yet :-(

I'm totally new to running but this afternoon was my final run of week 2. It was awful! I plodded along knackered before I even started. Had very little sleep and not ate much today but was still shocked by how tough it was my knee is a bit achey too (injured 18 months ago) and my hips really feeling it too!!! I'm falling apart! Is this just my body getting used to running? Did anyone else feel like this early on ? Bit worried now as I've no idea if I will be able to cope with week 3!!! I don't know what the increments are week by week but it looks like you do 20 mins in week 5! Argh!!

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don't look ahead to week 5. If you are that knackered, try redoing this run next time you are out. You don't have to push on to the next week until you are ready. It took me weeks to even get onto week 2. Not eating doesn't help, but I'm sure you know that anyway ;)

If you are totally new to it, you will feel a lot of aches and pains, so make sure you take your rest days, and listen to your body. If the pain gets too much, take an extra days rest. You can do this. Just read some of the posts of people who have graduated and you will see that you are not alone in how you feel.

Good luck, and dont give up :)


We all have bad runs, even long after graduating;-)

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Yes...I remember it so well, your body is complianing, adjusting and throwing its toys out of the pram....take it slow and steady and you will be fine :)


You are probably best not to try to run when you are hungry. Take the run slow and steady and repeat runs/weeks if you feel the need. Not wise to push on to the next week until you feel more comfortable with the current one. If your knee continues to play up then maybe get checked by a doctor. Good luck and best wishes.


Thanks all. Feel fine today but might get a knee support anyway and going to wait til Saturday til next run (2 days rest). Might do run 3 of week 2 again before moving on.


Your body is feeling the exercise so it shows that it's working. Re-run if you think you absolutely have to but I'd want to move on and see how it goes. Keep a written record of each run and how you feel afterwards. You'll have it all to look back on when you've graduated. I find it really helps me to look back on how I did. Useful on here too, to help others that might be struggling, as we all do at some point in the programme

Keep going Wanna and you'll get there. Laura will see you round safely


What lovely supportive comments from everyone. I've just finished week 2 as well, wannarunna and my knees aren't at all happy either (well they are ancient). I'm new to running too but loving it (despite the knees) We can do it!


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