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Best ever/worst ever run

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Last year I ran this coastal road in Northern Spain one way, Baldy dropped me to the next village and I ran back. it was my dream to run both ways this year. The village is called Getara, it's about 4KM just round the headland on the right. I saw the sun come up and was trotting along happily and realised that although it was gently uphill all the way I didn't feel as if I was running uphill...I had a great run and stopped for a bit at the top, congratulating myself on my best run ever!

I turned round to head home and realised I had forgotten my sunglasses. The sun was now full blast in my face, I have very sensitive eyes and began to feel very dizzy and sick, and a bit nervous as the parapet wall is only about 18 inches high in places! I kind of staggered down feeling really grim! So much for my dream run! This bit felt like my worst ever run!

Still, I'm chalking this one up as a triumph, at least I've done it and won't feel I have to do it ever again!

Funny thing running eh?

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Well done! Looks beautiful but sounds like a hairy return trip:/ I definitely would call it a success though, hope you enjoyed some celebratory sangria;) x

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Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to MarlyParly

Just a bucketful or so...! Xx

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MarlyParlyGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

Ha ha, good for you! Important to celebrate an achievement:) x

Beautiful place! Pity for the return run, but done anyway!

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Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to Pigivi

Yes, my thoughts exactly - done!

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That looks lovely!

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What a beautiful place to run. Congrats for hanging on in there - and I'm glad you kept away from that parapet :-) The only solution would have been to run backwards - that would work those calf muscles!

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