Wk5 Run 3 - I smashed it!!

You guys were all right (as usual!) Not only did I run for the whole 20 minutes, I could have gone on for longer! I also found it easier than the previous 8 minute interval running. I think it might be because my runs 1 and 2 are done between 7.30 and 9pm whereas my run 3 is done between 8 and 9am. Either way I am still riding the high and looking forward to week 6!!

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  • Morning running FTW!

  • Brilliant.. well done you..I just love my morning running...( I get it done while the old bones and muscles are still feeling fit for it) :)

    Week 6...? You are well on the way Enjoy the journey :)

  • I always run first thing - it's great isn't it?

    Well done - that's a major milestone under your belt!

  • I can only do it at the weekends as I'm already up at 6 getting the kids up for school in the week and my partner goes off to work at 4.30am. I am not going running before that!!

  • Well done - I did it on Saturday and still feel proud. Am just about to go out and do the wk 6 run 1. It is raining and windy but don't want to put if off. I ran the 20 minutes in the rain so should be able to manage today.

  • Well done - and welcome to the large group of week 6ers! Knew you could do it!

  • Well done, it's lovely to know that you've got that fab feeling and sense of achievement from the dreaded long run! Interesting that you think the morning run felt better / easier... I also tend to only do run3 on a weekend morning and the others weekday evenings due to work, kids etc same as you. It occurred to me long after the run 3 euphoria that it could well be the time of day that made it feel so much better. Like you, I enjoyed run 3 much more than the intervals during the week. It's a pig we can't do all morning runs, but hey, we're getting the job done anyhoo :) good luck with wk 6

  • Well done!! That's so amazing that you felt like you could keep going after the 20 minutes. I'm doing run 3 on Wednesday, your post has really made me think I can handle it!! Very impressive stuff =]

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