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I got severe lower back ache after week 5 run 1 &2, had a biomechanical analysis today, my technique is all wrong, do I pay to learn to run

I would need to pay for 6 sessions so that I have the correct neuro muscular training. The reason for my back pain was spotted, I tend to be a bit heavy footed and I don't lift my heels enough and I drop my hip when I land. I can see the reasoning behind it and the back pain I had was horrendous. I have not ran since, is there any other way to overcome this? Thank you.

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Have you been to a sports shop to get fitted for shoes properly. I've never heard of anyone paying to learn to run, I'm sure there are enough articles on the Internet for you to get tips. Hope you get on ok


i had terrible lower back pain after week 5 run 3, was ok during the run, it came on afterwrdaaas and i could not walk without pain/limping so needed almost 3 weeks off running. actually started to get quite depressed about it. i saw a tui na clinic. amazing results. i can go back for maintanance but the pain was gone after one session. see if there is one near you, or i have also heard great things about osteopaths too, although have no perosnal experience of this. i hope you find your answers as i now how demoralising this pain can be


afterwards! not afterwdaass!!


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